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The UAA Campus Community is proud to present UAAVotes!

A non-partisan campus collaboration, UAAVotes aims to elevate civic engagement at UAA through education, engagement and events!

Your vote is your voice!

Anchorage Votes in a Runoff! 

 Anchorage is headed to a Runoff Election! This month, the top two candidates in the spring Mayoral Election will face off head-to-head in a battle to claim at least 45% of the vote. 

Issue by Issue: Native Peoples Action Candidate Comparison

Between April 25 and May 11, you can complete your ballot at your own pace in the safety and comfort of your home. Ballots for the runoff election must be returned or postmarked by Election Day on May 11. Dropping off your ballot? Be sure to get it in by 8pm. 

Anchorage Votes

 In the Spring 2021 semester through Runoff Election Day on May 11, UAAVotes offers a safe space to learn about, discuss and reflect on the 2021 Anchorage Municipal Election.  

Your Vote, Your Voice

The democratic process matters; whether elections are national or local, every vote counts. 

Local elections have the strongest, direct impact on daily life. Whether you're voting for the first time or the tenth, you may find information about how to vote hard to find. Here, we boil down the details so you can vote with confidence. 

Complete Your Ballot

Between April 25 and May 11, you can complete your ballot at your own pace in the safety and comfort of your home. 

Your Ballot Package

When you open your ballot package, you'll find:

  • an official ballot;
  • a secrecy sleeve;
  • voter instructions; and 
  • a ballot return envelope.
Cast Your Vote

Fill out your ballot using a blue or black pen according to the voter instructions included in your ballot package.

How you cast your vote is up to you! Questions about who is on your ballot? Pull up the Candidate Comparison prepared by our partners at Native Peoples Action.

Finishing Touches

Don't forget the final steps after you've filled out your ballot:

  1. Place your ballot into the ballot return envelope.
  2. Sign the declaration on the back of the ballot return envelope.
Signature Verification

Your signature on the back of your ballot return envelope is what certifies your ballot. Trained voter officials review your signature and verify it against your signatures on record, drawing primarily from your drivers license or state ID. An easy way to make sure your signature matches is to have your ID on hand to reference. 

Return Your Ballot

There are three ways to return your ballot:

  1. Place your ballot return envelope in a secure drop box.
  2. Take your ballot return envelope to an Anchorage Vote Center.
  3. Add a stamp and put your ballot return envelope in the mail! 

Ballots must be returned or postmarked by Election Day on May 11. Dropping off your ballot? Be sure to get it in by 8pm. 

Voting has never been so convenient!

Your Voter Registration

Did you know voter registration in Alaska is part of the PFD application? If you've applied for the PFD, you're likely registered to vote! 

In anticipation for Election Day, check your registration status to confirm your ballot accurately represents your options. 

March 7: Registration Deadline
Deadline for voters to register to vote or update their registration for the 2021 Anchorage Municipal Election on April 6.


Why Your Registration Matters

Not only does your voter registration validate your eligibility to vote, your voter registration informs two important steps in the voting process: 

  1. What is on Your Ballot
    Your ballot represents positions, candidates and propositions specific to where you live. Your residential address determines which issues and people will appear on your ballot; you'll vote on the candidates and issues that represent your community! 
  2. Where Your Ballot Goes
    Your Muni ballot is sent directly to you at your mailing address. Your mailing address may be different than your residential address and that's okay!


Dropping Off Your Ballot? #UAAVotes

Tag @uaalife when you post about dropping off your ballot to receive a free UAAVotes tee! 


What is a municipality?

The Municipality of Anchorage is a "unified home rule municipality," established in 1975 after a majority of voters in the City of Anchorage and the Greater Anchorage Area Borough (which included Eagle River, Girdwood and Glen Alps) voted to merge.

“A home rule municipality is a municipal corporation and political subdivision. It is a city or a borough that has adopted a home rule charter, or it is a unified municipality. A home rule municipality has all legislative powers not prohibited by law or charter.”

Learn more about Anchorage Local Government



Your Vote, Your Choice

Whether you vote by mail or at the polls, do some research before putting pen to paper. Your research starts here, with an overview of who is on the ballot and what they stand for. 

View the Candidate Comparison


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