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Effective date: April 2, 2020 

UAA General Support Services and Administrative Services leadership has been working to assess the needs of our UAA community during these challenging times. Efforts have been made to reach out to as many key areas as possible to determine the best level of service. As you know, it is a dynamic climate, and we appreciate your patience. 

Provided is the adjusted mail route schedule, as well as the process for departments who will be picking mail up from the UAA Mailroom in lieu of route delivery. 

UAA Adjusted/Interim Mail Routes: 

Mailroom staff will proceed with two routes, morning only (Monday through Friday): 

1) West Campus Morning Route 

  • Engineering Industry Building (EIB) central mailroom 
  • Gordon Hartlieb Hal (GHH) – FP&C and FMO 
  • Rasmuson Hall (RH), 3rd floor central mailroom, 1st floor Student Health Center 
  • Eugene Short Hall (ESH) – UPD only 
  • Allied Health (AHS) central mailroom 
  • University Center (UC) – central mailroom 
  • Delivery of International, Certified, and Insured mail to post office (if required) 

2) East Campus Morning Route 

  • USPS pickup from Russian Jack Post Office 
  • Natural Sciences Building (NSB) – central mailroom 
  • Social Sciences Building (SSB) – central mailroom 
  • UAA/APU Consortium Library (LIB) – central mailroom 
  • Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) – central mailroom 
  • Administration/Humanities Building (ADM) – Chancellor/Administrative Suite central mailroom only 
  • University Lake Building (ULB) – central mailroom 

NOTES: Packages will not be left without confirmation of receipt (name of individual only – signature on handhelds is being waived). If no employee available to confirm receipt, package(s) will be held at Mailroom. 

If a department has requested mail be held at the UAA Mailroom for pickup, it will NOT be left in a central mailroom. If all departments using a centralized building mailroom request a hold, we will eliminate that stop from the route. 

Process for departmental mail held at UAA Mailroom: 

All other departments not included on the above routes will have mail held at the UAA Mailroom. 

  • Departments having mail held at the Mailroom will need to make arrangements to pick up mail and an appointment will be required. Contact: 786-1108 or 
  • Pickup appointment times will be scheduled between (9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm), Monday through Friday. 

Departmental pickup from the UAA Mailroom requires that social distancing must be maintained at all times. • Departmental customers should remain in their vehicle (or a minimum of 6 feet from the entry door) and call the Mailroom at 786-1108 when they arrive. 

  • Mailroom staff will bring the mail/packages outside and set them down for the customer to pick up once the Mailroom employee has moved away from the tub or box. Note that mail tubs are property of the USPS and must all be accounted for. If mail is provided in a USPS tub, departments are asked to: 

     o remove the mail from the tub and leave the tub by the Mailroom door OR o leave the tub in a UAA building central mailroom (if applicable), OR

     o return the tub when they next come to pick up the mail 

  • If the tub/box is heavy or if heavy packages are to be picked up, the Mailroom team will place the item(s) in the customer vehicle. The departmental customer must: 

     o open the hatch/trunk/door of their vehicle o move away from the vehicle to maintain social distance until the Mailroom staff have 
         placed the item(s) in the vehicle and moved a minimum of 6 feet away 

For packages requiring signature, customer signature capture procedures have been adjusted to conform to the process put in place by USPS: 

  • While maintaining a safe, appropriate distance, Mailroom employees will request the customer’s first initial and last name and enter the information on the handheld scanner, with the note “SW” to indicate signature waived. 

UAA General Support Services and your Mailroom team remain committed to supporting our UAA community during these dynamic times. If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is an adjustment we can make to accommodate your operations, please contact: Delano Young, Mailroom/Central Receiving Lead,, 786-1108 or Kim Stanford, General Support Services Director, at, 786-4668. 



If you are working from home and need to pick up your departmental mail at this time, please call ahead to the Mailroom and set up a time.  We will only allow one customer at the Mailroom counter at a time to comply with social distancing and keep everyone's health in mind. 

We ask departments to pay for postage services and express mail services via chargeback to org/fund and not use procards at this time if at all possible since we have decreased front counter/register in-person services to limit interactions.


USPS Price Update:

The USPS has announced price increases for services including Priority Mail, flat rate mailings, package services, Media Mail, and international letters and packages, effective January 24, 2021.  Stamps, standard first class letters, flats/large envelopes, and domestic postcards are not affected by the rate increases.  

For more information, please visit .  Your UAA Seawolf Postal Express Mailroom team is also available to help with your questions at 786-1108. 

  • Prices
    USPS PRICES     
    Small Flat-Rate Box $8.30 $8.45
    Medium Flat-Rate Box $15.05 $15.50
    Large Flat-Rate Box $21.10 $21.90
    APO/FPO Large Flat-Rate Box $19.60 $20.40
    Regular Flat-Rate Envelope $7.75 $7.95
    Legal Flat-Rate Envelope $8.05 $8.25
    Padded Flat-Rate Envelope $8.40 $8.55


Seawolf Postal Express (SPE) is here to help you with your mailing and shipping needs.

  • On-campus delivery
  • USPS incoming and outgoing mail service
  • FedEx & UPS express mail services at discounted rates
  • FedEx Freight
  • Buy your stamps
  • Central receiving
  • Bulk mailings
  • Automated addressing
  • Folding & tabbing
  • and much, much more!

Bulk Mail Services

Sending a mailing of over 200 pieces? Send it bulk mail through The Copy & Print Center for significant savings.

Our machines can automate nearly every aspect of mail preparation. Printing, stuffing, sealing & addressing can be accomplished in minutes, saving you time and labor costs. 

Personalizing your mailings with our variable-data capability. We can also "clean" your mailing list to eliminate duplicates and incomplete addresses.

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Did you know:

--Your Seawolf Postal Express mail team handles over 360,000 pieces of individual mail per year (not counting FedEx, UPS, or bulk mailings).

--We have a freezer to keep your fish fully frozen before shipping.


Current Mail Routes

Please feel free to contact our Seawolf Postal Express team at 786-1108 ( or me directly at 786-4668 
( if you have any questions.

Current Mail Routes


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