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Campus Facilities Master Plan

  • Campus Facilities Master Plan

    As an institution that puts students first and serves our communities, we aim to create vibrant, safe, and inclusive campuses with state-of-the-art facilities to carry out UAA’s mission.

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What is the Campus Facilities Master Plan?

The UAA Campus Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) ensures that the long- and short-term planning of the physical campus environment aligns with the aspirations of UAA 2025. An updated CFMP will include processes to ensure we have adequate infrastructure to accelerate excellence and continually improve facilities and space.  This project will support the following UAA 2025 aspirations:

  • Putting students first      
  • Embracing a culture of equity and inclusion          
  • Embracing our role as a trusted and respected community partner            
  • Positively impacting communities and the world through innovation
Rasmuson Hall on Anchorage campus

Anchorage Campus

Kachemak Bay Campus sign

Kachemak Bay Campus
Kenai Peninsula College

Students stand in front of Kenai Peninsula College sign

Kenai River Campus
Kenai Peninsula College

Kodiak campus building

Kodiak College

Mat-Su campus sign with building in background

Mat-Su College

Bear statue in front of building

Prince William Sound College

CFMP Update Presentation

Learn about the CFMP project progress by viewing the presentation. You will be required to login. All current students, staff and faculty of UAA should have access to login and view this document.

View the Presentation (Login Required)

CFMP Town Hall: What We've Heard So Far

The Master Plan Team will share a comprehensive summary of what we’ve heard so far.

  • April 22, 2022, 12-1 p.m.

Watch the Presentation Meeting

CFMP Town Hall: Draft Master Plan Document Overview

The Master Plan Team will provide an overview of the draft master plan documents.


Questions about the Campus Facilities Master Plan?

Contact Facilities Planning & Construction at 907-786-4900 or


Master Plan’s Purpose:

  • Promote themes generated from UAA’s academic and strategic plans.
  • Ensure the built environment is flexible and adaptive.
  • Align campus facilities with the overall institutional direction.

Why we need a Master Plan now:

  • 2013 Update
    The existing plan is outdated and no longer reflects the institution’s plans, policies, and procedures. Community campus plans were last updated in 2010 and Anchorage campus masterplan was last updated in 2013.

  • Accreditation

    UAA will host a Mid-Cycle Evaluation in October 2021. By starting the process now, UAA demonstrates that the major planning process of updating the master plan aligns with the aspirations of UAA 2025 and contributes to meeting our mission.

  • Identity
    The master plan can identify strategies that will strengthen UAA’s physical infrastructure and promote improvements through increased space utilization, energy savings, environmental stewardship, sustainability, and equity.

Master Plan Phases

PHASE ONE - Listen and Envision

(by October 2021, prior to the NWCCU mid-cycle visit)

  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Campus programming.
  • Report: recommended updates to the Master Plan to address current priorities including access, diversity, inclusion, equity, sustainability, and innovation.

PHASE TWO - Share and Approve

(completion in academic year 2022)

  • Develop draft Master Plan
  • Master Plan presented to the Board of Regents.

PHASE THREE - Implement

(academic year 2023 and beyond)

  • Implementation
  • 2024 NWCCU Year Six Policies, Regulations, and Financial Review requires a facilities master plan and technology master plan.