The Facilities Planning & Construction department is responsible for overseeing all construction activities on our campuses beginning with the conceptual initiation of a project and continuing through the close out of the construction process.  UAA Capital Construction projects completed in the last 2 years, projects under construction, or expected to go to construction in the next 2 years, are shown below.

The Capital Program Summary (TBP) shows what appropriations UAA MAU has received in the last 10 years for new construction and deferred maintenance/renewal.

The projects submitted in our current capital budget request and 10-year capital project plan are shown in the Capital Budget Request and presentation (TBP).  Also see our Capital Planning webpage to provide further details.

  • Future Projects

    Projects expected to be funded for design and construction in the next 2 years.

    Project No. Project Name Project Manager A/E Designer Builder

    Projected FY

    Projected Cost

      LRC Renewal, Phase 3 Patricia Baum        $1,000,000 
      ISU/UAA Doctorate of Pharmacy Patricia Baum ECI Hyer    FY17 $300,000
      UAA/Weidner RAS Classroom Patricia Baum     FY17 $600,000
  • Current Projects

    Project(s) currently under construction or renovation.

    Project No. Project Name Project Manager A/E Designer Builder Awarded  Cost ($000K)
    15-0069 LRC Renewal, Phase 2 Patricia Baum  In house KC Corporation $ 214,690
    15-0099 ISU/UAA Doctorate of Pharmacy Patricia Baum ECI Hyer Diversified Construction, Inc $ 279,863
    04-0002 KPC Soil Remediation Summer Sauve Shannon & Wilson None  
    15-0145 University Police Relocation Summer Sauve Architects Alaska None  
    16-0154 KPC CNA Lab Summer Sauve None Steiner  
    09-0027 MSC Bridge Enclosure Howie Morse McCool Carlson Green Wolverine supply $737,000

    PWSC Exterior Renovation

    Howie Morse Kumin Associate Wolverine Supply $346,000

    PWSC Housing Civil Improvements

    Howie Morse R&M Consultants Harris Sand & Gravel




    MSG GMT Gen-Set

    Howie Morse RSA Engineers Wolverine Supply



    KPC Brockel Roof Replacement

    Howie Morse Bezek Durst Seiser N/A


  • Completed Projects

    Projects completed within the last 2 years

    Project No. Project Name Project Manager A/E Designer Builder Final Cost ($000K)
    16-0077 KPC Cell Booster Summer Sauve None Kachemak Electric $ 25,000
    14-0101 KPC Brockel Renewal Summer Sauve Architects Alaska Steiner $ 2,000.000
    15-0082 KPC IT/EIT Renovation Summer Sauve None Steiner


    13-0127 KPC Art Studio Summer Sauve McCool Carlson Green Lake View


    15-0095 NSB 235 Animal Holding Summer Sauve AMC Engineers KC Corporation

    $ 165,000