Facilities, Space, and Planning Committee

The Facilities, Space, and Planning Committee (FSPC) is a working team charged with reviewing, discussing, and analyzing physical facility planning and stewardship issues and providing input to the Chancellor's Cabinet.

The committee is advisory to the Chancellor's Cabinet. Ex-Officio members will serve indefinitely; all others will serve on the committee for 2 and 3 year terms as designated.

The UAA Facilities Space Planning Committee shall provide input for the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor’s Cabinet on matters pertaining to campus space and will include guiding principles, policies, and resources which impact students, employees and/or community members’ UAA experience.  FSPC’s charges and expectations include the following:

  • Create effective linkages and relationships between campus planning (strategic, academic, etc.) and capital planning
  • Promote transparency and accountability in priority setting, space, and resource allocation
  • Ensuring meaningful participation by appropriate governance groups of our university community related to facilities space resources.

 Examples of matters appropriate for FSPC include:

  • Formulate, investigate and provide input concerning assignment or reallocation of space at all levels on the basis of campus and program priorities, the strategic and campus master plans, actual utilization, and overall need. Review space management standards and provide input to university leadership.
  • Create and propose policies and processes for addressing campus needs involving facilities, space, and capital planning.
  • Provide overall guidance and leadership on "big picture" issues impacting facilities use and development, including space utilization and planning conducted under the umbrella of UAA's Campus Master Plan.
  • Advise the campus administration on the development of university priorities for capital budgeting.
  • As needed, provide overall guidance and input to Cabinet on facilities naming, campus wayfinding, and campus art.
  • Provide input for the use of Facilities Fee.


The FSPC will meet monthly during the academic year.  Additional meetings may be called as needed for time-sensitive decisions.

The UAA Facilities Space Planning Committee (FSPC) shall be chaired by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities. FSPC will include 7 members, serving on two-year and three-year terms, as recommended to the Chancellor by respective UAA governance groups, composed of:

  • Academic Affairs (2)
  • Faculty Senate (1)
  • Diversity Action Council (1)
  • Staff Council (1)
  • Student Affairs (1)
  • USUAA Student Rep (1)

Members are encouraged to arrange a substitute or delegate when unable to attend to ensure representation.

 Ex-officio, non-voting membership, will include:  Director Facilities Planning Construction, Facilities Planner, Assistant Registrar, and ITS).

Voting members:

Name Title Area Represented Term Expires (FY)
Al Grant Associate Dean Community and Technical College Academic Affairs 2025
Kenrick Mock College of Engineering, Interim Dean and Professor Academic Affairs 2024
Michele Yatchmeneff Executive Director for Alaska Native Education & Outreach Diversity/Inclusivity 2024
Stefanos Folias College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor of Mathematics Faculty Senate 2025
Dawn Humenik Records & Accreditation Manager Staff Council 2024
Cody Buechner  Assistant Director of Student Union Student Affairs 2025
TBD  Student Representative USUAA  


Name Title
Alyona Selhay Assistant Registrar
Chris McConnell Director of Facilities Planning & Construction
TBD Campus Planner
John Zetterman ITS