Title IX Training

Trainings and Online Courses

OEC provides both online and in-person Title IX training options for departments, divisions, student groups, and other members of the UAA.

In person trainings for your department or program can be requested by emailing uaa_titleix@alaska.edu.

Basic Training Information

This training is a cohesive online program accessed through blackboard. This training will cover all the federally mandated requirements to ensure our campus is informed on Title IX. 

The Office of Equity and Compliance (OEC) is committed to reducing and eliminating harm within our campus community. As a way to meet this mission, OEC offers a variety of training options to help educate our community on resources and to be active bystanders.

Online Training for Everyone

The online on-demand training is available through Blackboard for everyone. All UAA students and Employees are required to complete UA Title IX training every academic year. Volunteers and Non-credentialed individuals are required to take Title IX training prior to the start of their assignment. If you have completed an in-person training then you have satisfied this requirement.

Degree seeking, living in campus housing, middle college students enrolled at the university, or on national/international exchange who have not completed the training since July 1, 2023 must complete the UA Safe training.

Online Title IX Training

The Title IX training course will cover sensitive issues. If you have experienced trauma in the past related to sex or gender-based discrimination and you feel that impacts your ability to take the Title IX training, you can opt out by completing the Title IX Training Opt Out Form. If you are uncomfortable at any point or want to speak to someone about this training, please contact:

Non-UA employees and noncredentialed individuals: 

New employee hires do not fall under this category

Sponsoring departments should preserve the completion certificate

Accessing Blackboard:

  1. The UA department sponsoring a non-UA employee, volunteer, or otherwise noncredentialed individual must complete the account request/sponsor formand submit it to the OIT Support Desk. Make sure all signatures are completed and the “UAF Blackboard” box under the access section is checked.
  2. OIT will notify the user once the request is completed.
  3. Individuals can then log in to UA Learn (Blackboard) and access the "UA Safe Title IX Training " under "My Courses" on the UA Learn landing page after logging in. 
  4. Once the course is completed, a certificate can be printed and provided to the sponsoring department. Ensure all slides are clicked through to the very end, otherwise a certificate will not be generated.


Departments must complete the UA General Volunteer Checklist and preserve the completion certificate with the checklist. 

All volunteers at the university are required to complete “UA Safe Title IX Training” prior to their volunteer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions