Middle College Guide to Online Course Materials

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Please be aware: Information on this page pertains exclusively to Alaska Middle College School (AMCS) students who are currently enrolled in the program. All other UAA students should direct textbook questions to their professors or the UAA Online Bookstore.


This webpage is all about how Middle College students can use their UAA Online Bookstore accounts to access their online course materials. Code and ebook instructions are typically sent to the student's UAA email after they are ordered. However, students can also access their codes and ebooks through their bookstore account. These instructions are current as of Jan. 2024. If you have any questions about your online course materials, email uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu or call 907-786-1549 for assistance.


Accessing your UAA Online Bookstore Account

You will access all of your online course materials through your UAA Online Bookstore account.

To log into your account, visit the UAA Online Bookstore website. Click on the login button in the left-hand panel of the screen.

Screenshot displaying the UAA Online Bookstore login page


Log in using your UA username and password (the same login you use for UAOnline and Blackboard). 

If you're unsure where to find your access codes or ebooks in your account, please read the next section!

Finding your Access Codes and Ebooks

The first screen you will see once you log in is your home dashboard. Any orders for online course materials that Middle College has made for you will appear in the first table on your home dashboard.

Screenshot displaying an example of the home dashboard in the online bookstore


Depending on what type of couse materials are needed for your classes, you may see additional tabs for access codes, ebooks, or both. These two tabs will not be visible to you until your online course materials have been ordered and activated. You may not see any tabs when you log in for the first time.

Access codes are codes that grant you access to a homework platform or software, such as MyLab, WebAssign, Modified Mastering, ALEKS 360, and more. Your access codes should all appear in the Access Codes tab. Some students will see an empty table when they first click on the tab. This is normal! Scroll down to see if your code has populated in another table further down.

Screenshot displaying a typical view of the access codes tab in the online bookstore


The code in this example is for Cengage. Cengage codes receive a table dedicated to the Cengage platform. You can view your code in a document directly in your bookstore account by selecting the "eye" icon in the Status column. Alternatively, you can jump straight to your online homework platform by clicking the name of the online material, if it shows up as a link. Not all codes offer a direct link, but many do. 

Screenshot showing an example access code in the online bookstore and two ways to access it


You can also email your code to yourself by using the Resend Email feature. Click the checkbox next to the code you want to send to yourself, enter your preferred email in the email text box, and hit the Resend Email button. You will receive an email with your code information soon after.

Screenshot displaying an example code and how a student can resend the code to their email


Ebooks are online versions of your textbook, and typically all of them are housed in the VitalSource Bookshelf platform. Your ebooks/etextbooks will all appear in the Ebooks tab. Access your ebooks directly by clicking the Access eBooks button in the top left of the screen. You can also send your ebook information to your email using the Resend Email feature. 

Screenshot displaying the ebooks tab and the button to access all ebooks


Read the next section for information about inclusive access course materials!

Finding your Inclusive Access Course Materials

Certain classes use Inclusive Access. Inclusive Access materials/textbooks are online materials that the university directly loads onto your account when you enroll in a class that uses Inclusive Access. 

In the new online bookstore, each student has a second dashboard for Inclusive Access course materials. Inclusive Access materials will not appear in your home dashboard -- you must go to the inclusive access dashboard to view them. To find out if you have Inclusive Access course materials, refer to the textbook list you received from Middle College in your email. If you see "Inclusive Access textbook" next to any items in your list, that means you will need to use the Inclusive Access dashboard for that specific textbook. 

To access the Inclusive Access dashboard, go to your home dashboard in your UAA Online Bookstore account. You will see some text in your home tab that says: "You are currently on the Online Bookstore. Click here to view your Inclusive Access order history and materials." Click the link on the word "here."

Screenshot displaying the online bookstore home dashboard with the link to the inclusive access dashboard


If it is your first time accessing your Inclusive Access dashboard, you will see a pop-up message asking you to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Click the checkbox and then choose the Accept button. 

Screenshot displaying the popup message the first time you use the inclusive access dashboard


Your Inclusive Access dashboard home looks almost exactly the same as your regular home dashboard. The main difference is the Inclusive Access label you will see in the top right of the page. If you're ever uncertain which dashboard you are currently viewing, check for this label. You can navigate back to your regular home dashboard by clicking the link on the word "here" again. 

Screenshot displaying the inclusive access dashboard


Accessing Inclusive Access Materials

Inclusive Access textbooks may show up in the Access Codes or Ebooks tab. These textbooks can be accessed normally by using the provided code or by clicking on the button that takes you to your ebook library in the VitalSource platform. However, some specific Inclusive Access materials do not use codes.  

Inclusive Access materials that do not use a code will appear in the Direct Content tab in your Inclusive Access dashboard. The bookstore does not give you any information about these textbooks, and you will not see any links to click on. These textbooks can only be accessed by a link provided to you by your professor.

Typically your professor will post this link somewhere in Blackboard, possibly in Announcements or in the syllabus. If you do not see a link in Blackboard by the first day of classes, contact your professor to request the link. If your professor for any reason can't provide you with a link, email Middle College at uaa_middlecollege@alaska.edu to let us know. Middle College will work with UAA Bookstore representatives to make sure you get access to your textbooks.