Our Brand

Understanding Our Brand

The UAA brand is not just a logo, a tagline or a color palette. It’s about the emotions the brand sparks in others through the distinctive benefits we offer. These feelings and emotions occur every single time a prospective student, donor, new faculty professor or member of the community interacts with UAA—by phone, in person, in print or through a TV ad. The way people feel about UAA is at the heart of our brand.

Much like a person’s identity, a brand is made up of characteristics and a personality. People also have a core essence of who they are and what makes them distinctive from others. With a brand, this is called a “positioning statement.”

Brand Position

The brand position statement is an internal document that describes the “mental space” a brand should occupy in the minds of a target audience. It is used to guide marketing communications strategies, programs and tactics.

UAA is the ultimate cross trainer for life and learning, sparking transformative personal and academic opportunities and adventures—and graduates outfitted for today—in an incomparable environment that embraces both urban and wild.

Brand Character

Brand character encompasses the functional and emotional associations that audiences assign to a brand.

Forward Looking

At UAA, our unique geographical location and natural resources attract students, faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are challenged to think differently here; to innovate and adapt as we leverage our environment and imagination. Our greatest successes come with ingenuity, relevance and practicality.

We are: up-to-date, inventive, enterprising, resourceful


UAA is linked to its communities and the state through close partnerships with Alaska’s industries and influencers. We’re a leader in workforce development with informal, almost neighborly, associations to business, state and community leaders. These connections, and our students’ similar experiences with professors and other campus decision-makers, create well-equipped graduates who are motivated, curious and career-ready.

We are: “two degrees of separation,” germane, linked, capable


At UAA, our students have a backstage pass to an Alaska way of life that encourages a take-charge attitude and abounds with opportunities for active personal involvement in research, leadership, independent thinking and the outdoors. Friendly and open access to people, prospects and possibilities empowers students to succeed knowing they can make a difference here.

We are: accessible, immersed, involved


So much at UAA is surprising and worthy of notice. Inspired by our surroundings, our ambitious faculty, students and staff explore novel ideas and practical solutions to local and global challenges. We are a leading force, making a difference in new technologies, new jobs and new hope for the future.

We are: noteworthy, serious, significant, striving


Our UAA people, campus and surroundings are unpretentious and inclusive. A diversity of cultures and experience boosted by a generous spirit, offer gateways to learning, fun and the future through connections that flatten lines of authority. We are comfortable to be around, available and sociable.

We are: real, open, authentic, approachable

Brand Personality

Brand personality is the way a brand speaks and behaves, with assigned human characteristics to which a consumer can relate.

We are: contemporary, adventurous (interests), genuine, outdoorsy, versatile, academically strong