Every photo you choose for your publications is a glimpse into who we are as a university. Choose images that prominently feature students, staff and faculty engaged with their work, our campus and each other. Highlight the amazing stories of UAA in a way that’s inviting to viewers. Give them an insider perspective. Show off the surroundings that make us unique.


  • Welcoming,
  • authentic,
  • hands-on,
  • engaged,
  • real,
  • spontaneous,
  • urban-meets-wild


  • Distant,
  • aloof,
  • flat,
  • silly,
  • mug shots

UAA photographs should reflect our brand personality—remarkable, forward looking, networked. Take advantage of the lush, natural environment right outside your doors and the bright, engaged students in your classrooms. Some things to keep in mind when having photos taken to be used for publications and university social media channels:

  • Limit photos in which subjects are wearing prominent logo clothing, particularly that of rival universities.
  • Be fresh.
  • Do not use photos that appear dated—by clothing and hairstyles, old-school outdoor gear or faculty who are no longer with the university.
  • Think very carefully before using a photo that shows students, faculty or staff smoking, drinking alcohol or engaging in otherwise unhealthy behavior. Never show photos of underaged students drinking alcohol.
  • Never manipulate a photo to the point where it is no longer accurate (e.g., “flopping” a photo so that a building once on the west side of a street is now on the east).
  • If it’s difficult to show your subjects’ work in a way that’s distinctive—such as if they spend most of their time working at a computer—shoot photos that depict the results of their work and its impact or implementation.

When you need original photos, we recommend the use of a professional photographer whenever possible, and make sure they’re familiar with the UAA’s photo branding style.


Your personal phone can be a good way to capture an event or special moment that would be otherwise lost when no other option is available. The downside is that smartphone images are rarely good enough quality for printed reproduction and should be relegated to online web use.

Photo Bank

Need to supplement your publication with stock photos of the university? University Advancement maintains a constantly growing photo bank that features photos of campus life, buildings and university leaders. Look around the different categories, make note of the images you want, fill out and send the request form and we will send you high resolution copies of the images you want. It’s also a great place to browse and get ideas for your own similar, high-quality images. PHOTO BANK

Ask a Photographer

Need some more tips about taking quality shots to help tell your story? Contact University Advancement photographer James Evans or (907) 786-6430.

Photo (Media) Releases

If you plan to use photos of students, faculty, staff or campus visitors within your publications or on your website, you should have them sign a model release form. The general rule is if you are taking a picture of a single person or a small group and they are the main focus of your shot, a release form should be used. If you are getting photos of a large gathering like UAA’s Commencement Ceremony it is not necessary.

The Advancement office has approved media release forms for both groups and individuals.