Chernofski Archaeological Research

Chernofski shore viewChernofski Archaeology
Unalaska, Alaska
Ongoing from 2018

Located on the island of Unalaska, Chernofski harbor was utilized by the United States during World War II. The sites left were to be reviewed and documented. The project consisted of data recovery at a multicomponent site and documentation of three World War II features at the Mutton Cove FUDS property at Chernofski Harbor. AERC, in partnership with Cultural Resource Consultants LLC, performed archaeological excavation, mapping, and surveying within Chernofski Harbor. The team spent the summer of 2019 on the island, reviewing the various sites and collecting tools and artifacts ranging from items used in WWII to indigenous tools dating back centuries.

  • Identify World War II sites.
  • Recover Data from the sites through archaeological excavation, mapping, and surveying.