Tricolor Blackbird Survey

Tricolor Blackbird Image

Tricolored Blackbird Survey
Edwards Air Force Base, California
Ongoing from 2018

Edwards Air Force Base, California, is one of the major test facilities for NASA and the newly formed US Space Command.  It is located in the northern Mojave Desert and encompasses a quarter million acre area of high desert plants and animals. Included within is one 4 acre pond that is the only breeding site in hundreds of miles for an endangered species, the Tricolored Blackbird.  AERC was selected to review the area and activities on base to determine their effect on the tricolored blackbirds, through the collection and analysis of data from 2014 to the present.  Our results to date are focused on high resolution assessment of water quality, and surveys of recreational use, habitat, and vegetation that will provide a vegetation management plan which will help maintain this valuable breeding habitat and provide recreational access.