Otter Lake and Creek Salmon Surveys

Otter Creek PhotoOtter Lake Salmon Surveys
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Ongoing from 2019

Cook Inlet beluga whales rely on the Otter Lake salmon as a substantial source of their diet. Otter Lake, along with the waterways that connect it to Cook Inlet, is located on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. AERC is tasked with monitoring the smolt salmon emigration and adult salmon escapement from Otter Lake. The monitoring is to establish and support long-term monitoring efforts of salmon productivity in various waterways on JBER to ensure that base usage does not have adverse effects on the salmon populations thereby affecting the beluga whales. The AERC team installed and maintains equipment which tracks the fish entering the lake and performs riverwalks to spot salmon and assess the flow conditions. The goals of this project are to establish annual abundance and assessing long term population trends, determine run time and species distribution, and monitor conditions of the waterways.

  • Establish annual abundance and assessing long term population trends of Otter Lake Salmon.
  • Determine run time and species distribution
  • Monitor and document conditions of the waterways.