Asbestos Monitoring and Database

Asbestos ImageAsbestos and Lead Monitoring

Kadena Air Force Base, Japan
September 2018 to March 2020


The Kadena Air Force base is located near Okinawa, Japan. Many of the buildings on base are old and contain asbestos and lead. Kadena tasked AERC with created a database to house the inventory of buildings which contain both asbestos and lead. Kadena employees can access this database and use it to inform their decisions regarding building use and renovation. By making this information easily accessible and able to be updated, it creates a safer working environment for the staff of Kadena.

  • Gather inventory of buildings known to have asbestos or lead.
  • Create a use-friendly database with constant feedback from USAF.
  • Populate the database with collected data.
  • This project was completed using UAA professors and student researchers.