Invasive Tree and Shrub Control at Wake Island

Picture of an Opiuma tree on Wake Island

Invasive Tree and Shrub Control at Wake Island National Historic Landmark
Wake Island
September 2016 to September 2018

The concrete structures of Wake Island National Historic Landmark are being obscured and damaged by introduced trees and shrubs, particularly Australian pine, also known as ironwood. AERC will provide personnel to remove this and other invasive tee species from the areas surrounding historic bunkers and buildings as well as to control their overall population on the island. Trees and shrubs will be cut and herbicide will be applied to remaining stumps to prevent regrowth. Every precaution will be taken to prevent the further spread of species being removed. Return visits will be made to ensure regrowth is not taking place.

  • Provide personnel, tools, and herbicide to control and, wherever possible, eradicate invasive trees and shrubs on Wake Island
  • Prepare reports documenting the removal of trees and methods used.
  • Make recommendations for future tree cutting and herbicide application.