"Two months ago Al Bolea delivered his Applied Leadership Seminar to 16 employees representing a cross section of the company from the top to the front line.  I have seen a change already  – the collective behaviors have advanced and a stronger team is emerging.  We are dedicating the last half of our twice monthly operations leadership meeting to continuing the discussion that the leadership training has begun. In addition I've brought Al back for a repeat performance with another 16 employees.  It's all about the conversation and my senior leadership team and I have made the Applied Leadership model part of what we do."

Rock Hengen
President & General Manager,
NANA WorleyParsons LLC

"In my career as an engineer, I have attended many classes on a variety of topics and some of them did not turn out to be as beneficial as expected. However, in this case, I was quite satisfied with the outcome. I think Soren Orley is an outstanding instructor and he did a great job in teaching us about financial statement analysis and managerial accounting. Mr. Orley's experience in both the public and private sectors helped make this class much more relevant than if he were just teaching out of a textbook. I would highly recommend the UAA Center for Corporate and Professional Development and this class in particular to anyone who wants to learn more about accounting and finance."

Roger Weese, P.E., RCDD
Vice President,
Principal Electrical Engineer,
RSA Engineering, Inc.

"For Petro Star and me personally, I found the Applied Leadership Seminar to be exactly what we were looking for to take our refinery management team to the next level.  It was so beneficial we conducted an abbreviated version for our entire refinery operations department."

Jim Boltz
Senior Vice President,
Engineering & Refining,
Petro Star Inc.

"Our next generation of managers and executives are developing the essential skills for us to carry our organization forward into the future. I strongly recommend UAA's Center for Corporate and Professional Development to any individual and organization that wants to maximize on the potential of its employees and improve its overall performance."

Timothy J. Vig

"Dr. Jeffries negotiation class was one of my favorite classes while earning my MBA. Sure waking up for class at 6 a.m. was horrible, but I learned so much from that class that it was totally worth it!"

Robert Bailie, MBA, CPA 
Assistant Controller,
Alaska Regional Hospital 

"Mr. Bolea gave me a refreshing perspective regarding my professional aspirations, and showed me a different way of looking at prospects I had not thought about before. I was frustrated with how my career seemed to lurch and bump along — never getting out of the slow lane. After taking Mr. Bolea’s seminar, my thinking turned around, and my career is merging into the fast lane. Thanks, Al!"

Jamie Patterson Simes
Alaska Bush Pilot 

"The lessons from the leadership seminar are something I practice daily, which is of course a lesson from your course: that leadership needs to be practiced, that it can be learned, and should be shared. The beauty of this is that these practices set up a positive feedback loop. If you practice well you see an immediate positive impact, which makes you more determined to practice, which leads to more noticeable results, and so on and so forth. One guarantee I think you can make to all of seminar attendees: they’ll know how to be better leaders by the time they’re done."

Isaac Vanderburg
Executive Director,
Alaska Small Business Development Center

“Sara is a new employee to the University of Alaska Anchorage and is currently managing several budgets within the College of Arts & Sciences.  After attending two days of Professor Soren Orley's Finance for non-Financial People, she returned with a better understanding of financial forecasting, the difference between fixed and variable costs and ability to apply that information to the budgets, and how to assess a budgeted income statement.

Orley made a great impression on Sara, she mentioned several times that he had applicable examples to lessons and was able to explain difficult concepts in a manner the entire class could understand. I would recommend this course to those businesses interested in better understanding their accounting practices and who are interested in making wise financial decisions for the future.”

Fred A. Rainey DPhil.
Professor and Director,
Department of Biological Sciences,
University of Alaska Anchorage