Prices are subject to change at any time.

Please note that replicates are treated as independent samples.
All analyses require a signed Service Agreement prior to the start of work.
Analyses are invoiced for payment following completion of work. 

Questions about analytical services can be directed to the lab manager at
Sample Preparation Cost per sample (all clients)
α-cellulose extraction $5.00
Pipetting water $2.00
Drying $2.00
Weighing $3.50
Grinding/Homogenizing $2.25
Solvent washing (feathers/hair) $4.50
Sequential hair disection $5.00

Stable Isotope Analysis


Cost per sample (all clients)


ECS 4010 + CF-IRMS

C/N - Solid - Natural Abundance

δ13C, δ15N, %C, %N


C/N - Solid - Difficult Samples **

 δ13C, δ15N, %C, %N $13.00



O/H - Solid - Natural Abundance

δ2H, δ18O


O/H - Liquid - Natural Abundance

δ2H, δ18O




O/H - Water - Natural Abundance

δ2H, δ18O


O/H - Water - Saline

δ2H, δ18O  $12.00

For enriched samples, please contact the Stable Isotope Lab Manager for information and prices. 

**Difficult Samples include soils, sediments, and δ15N of wood tissue. Please contact the lab manager regarding these samples.