BP Asset Integrity & Corrosion Lab Pricing

Technician Rates:

  • Sponsored research rate: $50/hour
    Sponsored research rate applies to University of Alaska entities who wish to utilize AIC Laboratory services as part of a sponsored research project. 
  • Non-research, external rate: $100/hour
    External rate applies to external entities wishing to utilize AIC Laboratory services for short-term projects and testing.

General Lab and Equipment Rate:

Includes use of general equipment (additional equipment rates such as those listed below, if applicable, will be added to the general rate), Lab space, and basic supplies. Users must first be approved and receive training on any equipment to be used. Training time will vary and be charged at the standard technician rate.

  • Sponsored research rate: $25/hour
  • Non-Research, external rate: $50/hour

Additional Equipment Rates:

The rates below will be charged in addition to technician fees.

VP-SEM w/ EDS detector

  • Sponsored research rate: $75 / hour
  • Non-research, external rate $150 / hour 

Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)

  • Sponsored research rate: $50 / sample + cal.
  • Non-research, external rate: $50 / sample + cal.4

MTS 110kip Load Frame

  • Sponsored research rate: $25 / running hour
  • Non-research, external rate: $50 / running hour

4. Calibration typically takes about 1 hour per base and is charged at standard technician rate.

Longer-term, externally-sponsored research projects are welcomed.  For these projects a separate proposal and itemized budget will be prepared. Please contact the Lab's Director to discuss new project opportunities.