Effective Behavior Interventions

Effective Behavior Interventions (EBI) is a clinical consultation program at the Center. In EBI, Complex Behavior Specialists work with agencies, school and families who support an individual experiencing complex and challenging behaviors.

Our goal is to stabilize an individual and help them stay in their current home/community and better access the community. Overall the goal of our consultation is two-fold, though:
1) Teach the individual new, suitable behaviors to help them meet their needs, and also
2) Teach the agency staff, teaching staff and/or families to better support their individual.

All EBI staff are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and use behavior analysis as their primary model in understanding the challenging behaviors and intervening appropriately and humanely to improve the individual's overall quality of life. In addition, all staff are well-versed on systems of supports in Alaska - from statewide agencies to local agencies to housing options.

At EBI, we support the team around the individual by:

  • Conducting a functional behavior assessment,
  • Developing a behavior intervention plan, and
  • Providing on-going technical assistance in the form of training and modeling, on-the-job training, staff coaching and feedback.

In addition, we also do professional development trainings for agencies and schools.

Information about our practice

Getting additional supports

• In a school, contact your Special Education department. They may already have behavior consultants on staff or access to outside consultants
• In a home, work with your provider agency so they can contact the CBC (see link above)