The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Symposium is part of the College of Health's commitment to advancing health equity and justice in Alaska and beyond. 

The 2024 DEI Symposium is being planned by the COH Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Committee. It’s being separated into three sessions throughout the Spring semester. The first session, Creating Safe, Equitable, and Affirming Spaces to Advance Student Health and Well-Being, will explore how DEIJ efforts at UAA support students during their education and beyond. Join us February 23rd from 11AM-1PM in person or online!


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Symposium History

Five UAA students lined up in front of buildingThe symposium started in 2021 as a virtual event spearheaded by a COH planning committee. It included a full day of presentations from students, faculty, staff and university leadership that centered around the topic Committing to Racial Equity & Justice.

2021 DEI Symposium

In 2022 a planning committee organized another virtual symposium with the theme Shaping the Process, Impacting Change. Presentations were separated the event into three short sessions over three months each with a different focus

February: Dynamics of Inclusion in our University Environment

March: Highlighting UAA Research & Creative Activities:  DEI in the Classroom and Beyond

April: Creating a College Culture of Belonging

2022 DEI Symposium


Past DEI Symposium Organizers

Yvonne Chase

Melissa Chlupach 

Vincent Feuilles

Lynda Hernandez

Faith Itta

Paula Jones

Yeungjeom Lee

Jenifer Leigh

Amana Mbise

Vanessa Meade

Leonidas Medal

Junland Navarro

Vicki Nechodomu

Tammy Sandoval