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AK-SAKI conducts research on DPS policies, procedures

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The UAA Justice Center worked in partnership with the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) through the Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance funded Alaska Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (AK-SAKI) to conduct research on DPS's policies and procedures related to sexual assault investigations, prosecutions, and victim-survivor engagement and support.

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Ingrid Johnson's newest publication explores victim-survivors’ reasons for not reporting to the police

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UAA Justice Center Assistant Professor Ingrid Johnson recently published an article in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, titled "Victim-Survivors’ Prioritization of Reasons for Non-Reporting Adult Sexual Assaults to Law Enforcement." This manuscript used data from a survey of survivors of adult sexual assault in Alaska on their reasons for not reporting to the police, which was part of the Alaska Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (AK-SAKI).

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Alaska Victimization Survey results shared with Alaska House Judiciary Committee

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Justice Center assistant professor Ingrid Johnson shared results from the Alaska Victimization Survey (AVS) with the Alaska House Judiciary Committee.

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New domestic violence report features Justice Center Research

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The Domestic Violence in Alaska report has been published by the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission. The report cites the Alaska Victimization Survey; Justice Center director and professor Brad Myrstol; and work by the Alaska Justice Information Center in partnership with the Anchorage Police Department. AJiC director and Justice Center associate professor Troy Payne also was an active participant with the domestic violence work group.

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House Votes to Reauthorize of Violence Against Women Act, including Safety for Native Americans

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The House on Wednesday voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act as part of its proposed $1.5 trillion spending package that includes $73.4 million for urban Indian health and $6.6 billion for Indian Health Services.⁠ Sen. Lisa Murkowski mentioned the Alaska Victimization Survey.