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New training could help with violence and abuse care

 |  Becca Clark  |  ,

The Alaska Comprehensive Forensic Training Academy, founded by UAA School of Nursing professor Angelia Trujillo, provides free training to nurses and health care providers.

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Alaska Comprehensive Forensic Training Academy visits Southeast Alaska

 |  Colette Czarnecki  |  ,

UAA School of Nursing professor Angelia Trujillo speaks to communities across the state about the importance of forensic training.

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Why forensic nursing is critical for fighting interpersonal violence

 |  Alaska Public Media  |  ,

Proper evidence collection and documentation after domestic violence or sexual assault is an important step to help women who have been traumatized. A unique forensic training academy at UAA is teaching nurses how to conduct these exams and is helping grow the network of forensic nurses across the state.

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UAA DNP alumna: 'Vivitrol's the path to an opioid-free gets you clean'

 |  Tracy Kalytiak  |  , ,

A monthly injection of Vivitrol calms cravings for heroin, giving real help to addicts emerging from prison and, as UAA DNP alumna Jyll Green discovered, providing a good chance of keeping them from going back behind bars.