Guiding Principles

The Interprofessional Health Sciences Simulation Center following learning materials from external resources to better understand simulation in healthcare.

group of paramedics attending to person on streartcher

Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH)

COH Simulation leverages SSH's resources to develop and refine its simulation program, aiming to enhance the quality of healthcare education. This includes implementing best practices, assessing learning outcomes, and refining teaching methodologies.

You can download your complimentary copy of the SSIH Simulation Dictionary directly from the websit. The Healthcare Simulation Dictionary features a collection of definitions showing how various terms---and their meanings--- are being used in the profession today. The second edition expands on the 127 words of the first as follows: 

          • A section on common abbreviations was added, and 27 abbreviations were included 
          • 40 new terms were added that were not in the first edition 
          • 12 terms were expanded with additional definitions as reflected in the literature

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International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL)

By adhering to INACSL’s standards, COH Simulation ensures that nursing students receive comprehensive training in a safe environment, emphasizing patient safety protocols, ethical considerations, and critical thinking skills.


Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE)

ASPE encourages innovation in SP-based education. COH Simulation leverages this by implementing novel teaching methodologies, simulation techniques, and assessment strategies that maximize the educational impact of SP encounters.

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