Associate of Applied Science in Air Traffic Control

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Air Traffic Control prepares students for hire at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Training Academy. The AAS in Air Traffic Control also prepares students to take the FAA Flight Dispatcher exam and prepares them for entry-level jobs in the flight dispatch field.

The AAS in Air Traffic Control constitutes the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology. 

Admission Requirements Special Considerations

UAA has no restrictions on age or physical condition of students. However, students desiring employment with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should be aware of employment requirements:

  • Medical Certificate is required as depicted in FAR 65.49 and 67 Subpart C.
  • Thirty-year-old maximum age restriction for students anticipating employment in terminal or en route options.
  • Students must receive a PASS score on the selection screening examination administered by the FAA, but this is subject to change. The examination provides a systematic process for continued enhancement of air traffic selection and training by testing candidates for recognition and cognitive skills required in the air traffic specialty and to identify the “composite controller.”
Graduation Requirements
Core Courses
ATA A233Aviation Safety3
ATC A143ATC Regulations3
ATC A144ATC Flight Procedures3
ATC A147Air Traffic Communications3
ATC A239
Fundamentals of Nonradar Separation
and Fundamentals of Nonradar Laboratory
ATC A242
ATC Terminal Radar Procedures
and ATC Terminal Radar Procedures Lab
ATC A243
ATC Enroute Procedures
and ATC Enroute Procedures Lab
ATC A251Flight Dispatcher Overview3
ATC A325Tools for Weather Briefing3
ATC A341
Control Tower Operations
and Control Tower Operations Lab
ATC A351Flight Dispatcher Operations3
ATC A440Facility Operation and Administration3
ATP A100Private Pilot Ground School3
ATP A235Elements of Weather3
Complete three credits from the following:3
ATA A133
Aviation Law and Regulations
ATA A134
Principles of Aviation Administration
ATA A331
Human Factors in Aviation
ATA A335
Airport Operations
ATA A336
Air Service Operations
ATA A337
Airline Operations
ATA A425
Civil Aviation Security
ATA A431
Aircraft Accident Investigation
ATA A490
Advanced Topics in Aviation Technology
ATP A116
Instrument Ground School
ATP A200
Commercial Ground School
ATP A231
Search, Survival, and Rescue

A minimum of 61 credits is required for the degree.