Minor in Aviation Technology

Students majoring in another discipline who wish to minor in aviation technology must complete the following requirements. Students are encouraged to select courses from the following list. Students may request prior approval of other aviation technology courses.

Complete 18 credits from the following:18
AMT A171
Basic Aerodynamics
AMT A172
Aircraft Publications, Regulations, and Records
AMT A177
Reciprocating Engine Theory
AMT A178
Turbine Engine Theory
AMT A185
Aircraft Sheetmetal Structures
and Aircraft Sheetmetal Structures Lab
AMT A285
Aircraft Bonded Structures
and Aircraft Bonded Structures Lab
ATA A132
History of Aviation
ATA A133
Aviation Law and Regulations
ATA A233
Aviation Safety
ATA A331
Human Factors in Aviation
ATA A335
Airport Operations
ATA A336
Air Service Operations
ATA A337
Airline Operations
ATA A425
Civil Aviation Security
ATA A431
Aircraft Accident Investigation
ATA A492
Air Transportation System Seminar
ATC A147
Air Traffic Communications
ATP A100
Private Pilot Ground School
ATP A235
Elements of Weather

A total of 18 credits is required for the minor; 6 credits must be upper-division.