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The College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department is proud to be part of the UAA Community & Technical College. Together, we're Building Alaska’s Workforce and fostering student success through quality education and technical training.

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College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department

The College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department (CPDS) helps UAA students requiring additional knowledge and skills in English and math to increase academic and critical thinking skills and develop the confidence to pursue their lifelong learning goals.

Write Your Success Story - Preparatory College English offers composition studies, support for multilingual students, and reading and study skills that prepare students to advance to the next academic level.

A Calculated Approach - In preparatory college mathematics, courses are taught with the goal of making math accessible. Presentation of the material is varied and may include flipped classes, discovery learning, computer-based individualized instruction using a Math Emporium model, or traditional lectures.

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  • Math Emporium: This could really change the culture

    Math Emporium

    Imagine you’re returning to school, hoping to launch a new career. You explore the online catalog, but each time you read the description of a promising course, it’s followed by this frightening notation: “Prerequisites: Math A105 with a minimum grade of C.” So you enroll, grasping some topics and struggling with others. You emerge with a grade that ensures you’ll be taking that math class again, starting from scratch—delaying the day you can complete that prerequisite and accelerate toward your new career. Read the full story


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UAA College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department
Professional Studies Building, Room 102
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK  99508
United States
Tel: (907) 786-6856

Student Spotlight

“So far I like ALEKS. I like that when it teaches you something, it gets right to the point in showing you how it’s done, step by step, before it gives you practice questions, and I like that the number of practice questions you have is totally based on how well you understand the section.”

— Annalisa Westerholt, Preparatory College Math Student, Math Emporium section, discussing ALEKS, the emporium's web-based assessment tool
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