Sabbatical Leave

Please read the UNAC CBA (see Article 16.6) and the UAA Sabbatical Guidelines for specifics regarding Sabbatical Leave. Also, please see the links below for other policy links. The following is provided only as a brief summary.

Basic Purpose of Sabbatical Leave

Per University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy 04.04.060, sabbatical leaves for professional development may be made available to faculty with academic rank who meet the requirements set forth below.  The objective of such leave is to increase the faculty member's value to the university and thereby improve and enrich its programs.  Sabbatical activities may involve formal or informal study, research or creative activity, or other activities that increase the faculty member's ability to serve the university and the general public through teaching, research and creative activity, and public service.  In order to fulfill this basic purpose of professional development, faculty are encouraged to make use of the opportunities presented by sabbatical leave for travel to or residence at a center of scholarly or creative activity, or for collaboration or study with recognized experts in the field.  Sabbatical activities may include acquisition of new skills, investigation of new areas of interest, or formal study leading to completion of terminal degrees.

Eligibility for Sabbatical Leave

Faculty members with academic rank may apply for and be granted sabbatical leaves in accordance with the UNAC CBA 16.6, Board of Regents' Policy 04.04.060 and the UAA Sabbatical Guidelines.

Academic rank faculty members who have completed at least four (4) years of service in academic rank positions within the university system may apply for consideration during their fifth (5th) or subsequent year of service for a sabbatical leave to be taken in their sixth (6th) or subsequent year.  For faculty members who have taken a sabbatical leave, eligibility for application will be determined in the manner noted above and will be calculated from the date of return from any previous sabbatical leave. Sabbatical leave applications are reviewed annually by the Faculty Grants and Leaves Committee (a subcommittee of Faculty Senate) based on a review schedule to be published by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Sabbatical Dates and Deadlines

  • September 15 - Past Academic Year Sabbatical Reports due to Academic Affairs
  • Last Monday in September - Sabbatical requests (applications) due to deans/directors
  • Last Monday in October - Sabbatical requests due to Academic Affairs from deans/directors
  • January 15 - Announcements to Faculty

Sabbatical Forms