Outside Examiner Request Form

The presence of an “outside examiner”,  representing the UAF/UAA Graduate Schools is required at all Ph.D. examinations and is appointed by the UAF/UAA Graduate Schools. The function of the Outside Examiner is to determine that a stringent, unbiased examination is given and that it is fairly administered and evaluated. The outside examiner should be provided with an opportunity to question the candidate during the oral examination. Note: The outside examiner should be given a copy of the dissertation at least a week before the defense. 

Due to the unavailability of tenure-track faculty members to serve certain functions for the UAA Graduate School, the following blackout period becomes necessary: Oral exams for PhD students cannot be scheduled less than two weeks prior to the last day of instruction in the Fall or Semester.

Submit form two weeks or ten business days in advance of exam date.

Student Contact Information
Exam Information

Consult with your advisor (if defending, be sure to include both the public presentation and the closed door portion)

TBA/TBD not allowed. Per Catalog, dissertation defenses must be held at UAA or a UAA site campus.

Dissertation defenses MUST be held at UAA or a UAA site campus.

i.e. your major field of study, such as Psychology

Committee Chair Information