Privileges, Policy & Regulation


R04.04.070. Emeritus Status

  1. A full-time faculty member who has attained the rank of full professor and who has retired after a minimum of 10 years at the University of Alaska immediately prior to retirement may be honored through appointment as professor emeritus. Recommendations for conferring emeritus status may be made by the appropriate dean to the appropriate Promotion Committee to be evaluated on the basis of the criteria for promotion to the rank of full professor with the added caveat that the position of professor emeritus is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a retiring faculty member. The committee's recommendations will be forwarded to the chancellor whose decision is final and non-reviewable.
  2. In exceptional circumstances, the chancellor, or in the case of statewide administration employees, the president, may confer emeritus status on other meritorious employees who have provided a minimum of 10 years of faithful service of high quality to the institution. Recommendations will proceed along the appropriate administrative channels to the chancellor or the president.
  3. The Board of Regents may confer emeritus status upon a retiring president of the university.
  4. Privileges available to emeritus employees may include the following:
    1. Listing in the appropriate university directory and catalog.
    2. Invitations to major university functions.
    3. Notice of campus functions and social gatherings.
    4. Use of library, gymnasium and food facilities on the same basis as active employees in their category.
    5. Access to electronic mail, office space, laboratories and/or research facilities (where such access is available at no charge to the university and does not displace other faculty, staff, and/or students).
    6. Receipt of an identification card.
    7. Waiver of tuition for courses in which they themselves are enrolled.
  5. Upon appointment to emeritus status, a retiring employee will be designated by the proper title Emeritus/Emerita.

Board of Regents Policy (02-22-01)