Weather Closure

University of Alaska Anchorage campus will be closed September 24, 2021 beginning at 6:40 AM, due to weather. Students and employees should check their email for more information. The university will remain closed for the weekend and reopen on Monday morning.

The Alaska Airlines Center will be open Saturday, September 25, for the home volleyball match that afternoon.




Nancy Andes, Professor Emerita of Sociology, 2009
John E. Angell, Professor Emeritus of Justice, 1998
Sharon K. Araji, Professor Emerita of Sociology, 2008
Saradell A. Ard, Professor Emerita of Art, 1985
Steven E. Aufrecht, Professor Emeritus of Public Administration, 2006      


Elisha R. "Bear" Baker, Provost Emeritus, 2014 
Gilbert W. Bane, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences (Kodiak College), 2005
Donald F. Behrend, Chancellor Emeritus, 1994
Gretchen T. Bersch, Professor Emerita of Adult and Developmental Education, 1997
Jean-Paul Billaud, Professor Emeritus of Music, 1985
Alan S. Boraas, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Kenai Peninsula College (posthumously), 2020
Jeane T'áaw xíwaa Breinig, Professor Emerita of English, 2019
Christiane Brems, Professor Emerita of Psychology, 2012
Anne Bridges, Professor Emerita of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, 2020
Sylvia C. Broady, Professor Emerita of Journalism & Public Communication, 1995
Marilyn Hanf Buckley, Professor Emerita of Education, 1997
Arthur E. Bukowski, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 1998      


Omer L. Carey, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, 1986
Thomas R. Case, Chancellor Emeritus, 2017
Ping Tung "P.T." Chang, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 2014
Barbara M. Christian, Professor Emerita of English, Kenai Peninsula College, 2009
Dennis W. Clark, Director Emeritus, Matanuska-Susitna College, 2011
Stephen G. Colt, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 2016
Robert E. Congdon, Professor Emeritus of Justice, 2005
Joseph F. Connors, Professor Emeritus of Communication, 1997
Ronald M. Crawford, Professor Emeritus of History/Geography, 2002
Kristine J. Crossen, Professor Emerita of Geological Sciences, 2018      


M. Hilary Davies, Professor Emerita of Mathematics, 2013
Deborah C. Davis, Professor Emerita of Counseling, 1999
Donald I. Davis, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Geomatics, 2011
Tina D. DeLapp, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 2004
Timothy W. Doebler, Professor Emeritus of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, 2018
Peter W. Dowrick, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 1994
Marie C. Doyle, Professor Emerita of Psychology, 1985
Claudia S. Dybdahl, Professor Emerita of Elementary Education, 2016      


David P. Edgecombe, Professor Emeritus of Theatre, 2015
Richard L. Ender, Professor Emeritus of Management Information Systems, 1997
Margritt A. Engel, Professor Emerita of Languages, 2003
Ted G. Eschenbach, Professor Emeritus of Engineering Management, 1998      


Elizabeth J. Fallon, Professor Emerita of English, Mat-Su College, 1999
Phyllis A. Fast, Professor Emerita of Anthropology, 2014
Kerry D. Feldman, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, 2010
Victor Fischer, Director Emeritus, Institute of Social & Economic Research, 1996
David A. Fitzgerald, Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Systems, 2020
Ruth S. Fluornoy, Professor Emerita of Mathematical Sciences, 1999
Edward J. Forrest, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, 2020
Larry Morris Foster, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 2020      


George A. Geistauts, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, 2016
Oliver Scott Goldsmith, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 2012
Edward Lee Gorsuch, Chancellor Emeritus, 2004
Elizabeth E. Graber, Professor Emerita of English, 2016
Ken Gray, Professor Emeritus of Art, 1994
G. Hayden Green, Dean Emeritus, College of Business & Public Policy, 2002
Judith F. Green, Professor Emeritus of Library Science, 2014
Patricia R Grega, Professor Emerita of Developmental Education, 2017


Lewis E. Haines, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1985
Ronald W. Haney, Professor Emeritus of Aviation Management, 2011
Michael C. Hawfield, Associate Professor Emeritus of History and Political Sciences, 2016
Stephen W. Haycox, Professor Emeritus of History, 2010
Leslie W. Heasley, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 2009
John M. Hilpert, Professor Emeritus of Engineering Management, 1987
Diddy R.M. Hitchins, Professor Emerita of Political Science, 2006
Patricia A. Hong, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 2005
Eileen K. Hughes, Professor Emerita of Early Childhood Development, 2007
T. Lee Huskey, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 2014


Charles H. Iliff, Professor Emeritus of Business Computer Information Systems, 1997
Catherine E. Innes-Taylor, Professor Emerita of Library Science, 2007      


Stephen L. Jackstadt, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 2008
William A. Jacobs, Professor Emeritus of History & Political Science, 2002
Mary K. Janis, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences, 2001
Francis L. Jeffries, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, 2018
Stanley White Johnson, Dean Emeritus, College of Arts & Sciences, 1990
Virginia R. Johnson, Professor Emerita of Secondary Education, 2000
Mark E. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 2012
Garth N. Jones, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy & Administration, 1988      


Bruno M. Kappes, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 2016
Garry C. Kaulitz, Professor Emeritus of Art, 2014
Laura W. Kelley, Professor Emeritus of Human Services, 2015
Sam Isamu Kimura, Professor Emeritus of Art, 1996
Gunnar D. Knapp, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 2016
Lynn K. Koshiyama, Professor Emerita of Accounting, 2018
John A. Kruse, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy, 1997
Jerry D. Kudenov, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, 2017
Arlene E. Kuhner, Professor Emerita of English (posthumously), 1997
Richard W. Kullberg, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, 1998      


Paul H. Landen, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Kenai Peninsula College, 2020
Robert Lang, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, 2019
Stephen J. Langdon, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, 2014
Ronald L. Lautaret, Professor Emeritus of Library Science, 1994
Frances E. Lautenberger, Professor Emerita of Theatre, 2012
Linda P. Lazzell, Vice Chancellor Emerita, Student Affairs, 2009
Charles "Sean" Licka, Professor Emeritus of Art, 2017
Patricia W. Linton, Professor Emerita of English, 2018
James J. Liszka, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, 2011 
He (Helen) Liu, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, 2016


David C. Maas, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1998
Robert J. Madigan, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 2005
Elizabeth K. Madsen, Professor Emerita of Library Science, Mat-Su Library, 2003
Kristine E. Mann, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences, 1999
Cheryl M. Mann, Professor Emerita of Human Services, 2009
Heidi A. Mannion, Professor Emerita of Medical Laboratory Science, 2018
Jerzy Maselko, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 2015
Glenn F. Massay, Director Emeritus, Matanuska-Susitna College, 1995
Linda J. McCarriston, Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing and Literary Arts, 2015
Robert O. McCoy, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics 2016
Beatrice Gray McDonald, Professor Emerita of Secretarial Science, 1976
Jane "Ellen" McKay, Professor Emerita of Architectural and Engineering Technology, 2018
E. Dean Milligan, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, 1998
Donald E. Mohr, Professor Emeritus of History, 2006
Judith K. Moore, Professor Emerita of English, 2012
Thomas A. Morehouse, Professor Emeritus of Institute of Social & Economic Research, 1994
Roberta H. Morgan, Professor Emerita of Psychology, 1998
Max J. Morley, Professor Emeritus of Automotive & Diesel Technology, 1998
Christina M. Mumma, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 2005      


William G. Nelson, Professor Emeritus of Engineering, 1998
Joseph Clay Nunnally, Professor Emeritus of English, 2015


Kathleen D. O'Dell, Professor Emerita of Secondary Education, 2006
Alvin S. Okeson, Director Emeritus, Matanuska-Susitna College, 2002
John A. Olofsson, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, 2015
Maureen O'Malley, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 2020 (posthumously)
Sylvia M. Orr, Professor Emerita of Medical Laboratory Technology, 1998      


Michael E. Pajot, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, 2008
Morris Greg Parrish, Professor Emeritus of Physics, 2012
Anne D. Pasch, Professor Emerita of Geology, 1997
Rebecca H. Patterson-Turner, Professor Emerita of English, 1999
Sandra Pence, Professor Emerita of Dental Hygiene, 2020
Judith A. Petersen, Professor Emerita of Nursing Science, 2002
Kim M.  Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, 2014
Elizabeth J. Predeger, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 2017


T. Bartlett Quimby, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, 2014


Gail L. Renardson, Professor Emerita of English, PWSCC, 2012
Todd R. Risley, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 2003
Alden M. Rollins, Professor Emeritus of Library Science, 1999
Rosellen M. Rosich, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 2015
Larry L. Ross, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 2019
Jerilyn G. Rubin, Professor Emerita of Business Administration, 2020
Susan M. Ryan, Professor Emerita of Special Education, 2007     


Kate E. Sandberg, Professor Emerita of English, 2002
Nancy E. Schafer, Professor Emerita of Justice, 2002
Stanley E. Sears, Professor Emeritus of Geomatics, 1998
Alice L. Sears, Professor Emerita of English, 2006
Bernard Segal, Professor Emeritus of Health Sciences, 2006
Lidia L. Selkregg, Professor Emerita of Public Administration/Planning, 1985
Thomas F. Sexton, Professor Emeritus of English, 1994
Donna Gail Shaw, Professor Emerita of Elementary Education, 2012
Carl E. Shepro, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 2012
Elizabeth A. Sirles, Professor Emerita of Social Work, 2017
Orson P. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, 2014
Donald E. Spalinger, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, 2020
Ginger I. Steffy, Director Emeritus, Kenai Peninsula College, 2002
Troy G. Sullivan, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1986      
Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson, Professor meritus of Biological Sciences, 2016
Carol l. Swartz, Director Emerita, Kachemak Bay Campus, 2018


Glenn L. Trigiano, Director Emeritus, Facilities & Campus Services, 2011
Marcia Trudgen, Staff Emeritus, Institute of Social and Economic Research, 2015
Bradford H. Tuck, Professor Emeritus of Economics, 1999
Gary Turner, Director Emeritus, Kenai Peninsula College, 2021
Michael T. Turner, Professor Emeritus of Counseling, 2013      


Stan Vanover, Staff Emeritus, Facilities Planning and Construction, 2014
Douglas W. Veltre, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, 2008


Garlyn R. Warren, Professor Emeritus of Business Computer Information Systems, 1997
David C. Wartinbee, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, 2015
Lawrence D. Weiss, Professor Emeritus of Health Sciences, 2004
Brian D. Wick, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 2010
James R. Wilson, Professor Emeritus of English, 1983? 1984?
Mark E. Wolbers, Professor Emeritus of Music, 2018
Wendell W. Wolfe, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1979?
William B. Workman, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, 2005


Hannele K. Zubeck, Professor Emerita of Civil Engineering, 2019

Year Awarded Name Discipline/Department
2021 Gary Turner
Director Emeritus, Kenai Peninsula College
2020 Dr. Maureen O'Malley Nursing (posthumously)
2020 Sandra Pence Dental Hygiene
2020 Dr. Alan Boraas Anthropology (Kenai Peninsula College, posthumously)
2020 Dr. Anne Bridges Culinary Arts and Hospitality
2020 David Fitzgerald Computer Information Systems
2020 Dr. Edward Forrest Business Administration
2020 Dr. Larry Morris Foster Mathematics
2020 Dr. Paul Landen Psychology (Kenai Peninsula College)
2020 Jerilyn Rubin Business Administration
2020 Dr. Donald Spalinger Biological Sciences
2019  Dr. Jeane T'áaw xíwaa Breinig  English 
2019  Larry L. Ross   Economics 
2019  Dr. Hannele K. Zubeck  Civil Engineering 
2019 Dr. Robert Lang Civil Engineering
2018 Carol I. Swartz Director, Kachemak Bay Campus
2018 Timothy W. Doebler Culinary Arts and Hospitality
2018 Lynn K. Koshiyama Accounting
2018 Dr. Patricia W. Linton English
2018 Jane "Ellen" McKay Architectural and Engineering Technology
2018 Dr. Kristine J. Crossen Geological Sciences
2018 Dr. Francis L. Jeffries Business Administration
2018 Heidi A. Mannion Medical Laboratory Science
2018 Dr. Mark E. Wolbers  Music
2017 Dr. Patricia R. Grega Developmental Education
2017 Thomas R. Case Chancellor
2017 Dr. Jerry D. Kudenov Biological Sciences
2017 Dr. Charles "Sean" Licka Art
2017 Dr. Elizabeth J. Predeger Nursing
2017 Dr. Elizabeth A. Sirles Social Work
2016 Stephen G. Colt Economics
2016 Claudia S. Dybdahl Elementary Education
2016 George A. Geistauts Business Administration
2016 Elizabeth E. Graber English
2016 Bruno M. Kappes Psychology
2016 Gunnar D. Knapp Economics
2016 He (Helen) Liu Civil Engineering
2016 Dr. Robert O. McCoy Mathematics
2016 Dr. Bjartmar Sveinbjorsson Biological Sciences
2015 Dr. David P. Edgecombe Theatre
2015 Judith F. Green Library Science
2015 Michael C. Hawfield History & Political Science
2015 Garry C. Kaulitz Art
2015 Dr. Laura W. Kelley Human Services
2015 Dr. Jerzy Maselko Chemistry
2015 Linda J. McCarriston Creative Writing & Literary Arts
2015 Dr. Joseph Clay Nunnally English
2015 Dr. John A. Olofsson Civil Engineering
2015 Dr. Rosellen M. Rosich Psychology
2015 Dr. Orson P. Smith Civil Engineering
2015 Marcia Trudgen Institute of Social & Economic Research
2015 David C. Wartinbee Biological Sciences
2014 Dr. Elisha R. "Bear" Baker Provost
2014 Dr. Ping Tung Chang Mathematics, Mat-Su College
2014 Dr. Phyllis A. Fast Anthropology
2014 Dr. T. Lee Huskey Economics
2014 Dr. Stephen J. Langdon Anthropology
2014 Dr. Kim M. Peterson Biological Sciences
2014 Dr. T. Bartlett Quimby Civil Engineering
2014 Stanley Vanover Facilities Planning & Construction
2013 Dr. M. Hilary Davies Mathematics
2013 Michael T. Turner Counseling
2012 Dr. Christiane Brems Psychology
2012 Dr. Oliver Scott Goldsmith Economics
2012 Dr. Mark E. Johnson Psychology
2012 Frances E. Lautenberger Theatre
2012 Dr. Judith K. Moore English
2012 Morris Greg Parrish Physics
2012 Gail L. Renardson English (PWSCC)
2012 Dr. Donna Gail Shaw Elementary Education
2012 Dr. Carl E. Shepro Political Science
2011 Dr. Dennis Clark Director Emeritus, Matanuska-Susitna College
2011 Donald I. Davis, Jr. Geomatics
2011 Ronald W. Haney Aviation Management
2011 Dr. James J. Liszka Philosophy
2011 Glenn L. Trigiano Director Emeritus, Facilities & Campus Services
2010 Dr. Kerry D. Feldman Anthropology
2010 Dr. Stephen W. Haycox History
2010 Dr. Brian D. Wick Mathematics
2009 Dr. Nancy Andes Sociology
2009 Dr. Barbara M. Christian English, Kenai Peninsula College
2009 Dr. Leslie W. Heasley Chemistry
2009 Dr. Linda P. Lazzell Vice Chancellor Emerita, Student Affairs
2009 Dr. Cheryl M. Mann Human Services
2008 Dr. Sharon K. Araji Sociology
2008 Dr. Stephen L. Jackstadt Economics
2008 Michael E. Pajot Sociology
2008 Dr. Douglas W. Veltre Anthropology
2007 Dr. Eileen K. Hughes Early Childhood Development
2007 Catherine E. Innes-Taylor Library Science
2007 Dr. Susan M. Ryan Special Education
2006 Dr. Steven E. Aufrecht Public Administration
2006 Dr. Diddy R.M. Hitchins Political Science
2006 Donald E. Mohr History
2006 Dr. Kathleen D. O'Dell Secondary Education
2006 Alice L. Sears English
2006 Dr. Bernard Segal Health Sciences
2005 Dr. Gilbert W. Bane Biological Sciences (Kodiak College)
2005 Dr. Robert E. Congdon Justice
2005 Patricia A. Hong Nursing
2005 Dr. Robert J. Madigan Psychology
2005 Dr. Christina M. Mumma Nursing
2005 Dr. William B. Workman Anthropology
2004 Dr. Tina D. DeLapp Nursing
2004 Edward Lee Gorsuch Chancellor Emeritus
2004 Lawrence D. Weiss Health Sciences
2003 Dr. Margritt A. Engel Languages
2003 Elizabeth K. Madsen Library Science (Mat-Su Library)
2003 Dr. Todd R. Risley Psychology
2002 Ronald M. Crawford History/Geography
2002 Dr. G. Hayden Green Dean Emeritus, College of Business & Public Policy
2002 Dr. William A. Jacobs History & Political Science
2002 Alvin S. Okeson Director Emeritus, Matanuska-Susitna College
2002 Judith A. Petersen Nursing Science
2002 Dr. Kate E. Sandberg English
2002 Dr. Nancy E. Schafer Justice
2002 Ginger I .Steffy Director Emeritus, Kenai Peninsula College
2001 Dr. Mary K. Janis Biological Sciences
2000 Dr. Virginia R. Johnson Secondary Education
1999 Dr. Deborah C. Davis Counseling
1999 Elizabeth J. Fallon English (Mat-Su College)
1999 Ruth S. Fluornoy Mathematical Sciences
1999 Dr. Kristine E. Mann Biological Sciences
1999 Dr. Rebecca H. Patterson-Turner English
1999 Alden M. Rollins Library Science
1999 Dr. Bradford H. Tuck Economics
1998 Dr. John E. Angell Justice
1998 Dr. Arthur E. Bukowski Mathematics
1998 Dr. Ted G. Eschenbach Engineering Management
1998 Dr. Richard W. Kullberg Biological Sciences
1998 Dr. David C. Maas Political Science
1998 Dr. E. Dean Milligan Biological Sciences
1998 Dr. Roberta H. Morgan Psychology
1998 Max J. Morley Automotive & Diesel Technology
1998 Dr. William G. Nelson Engineering
1998 Dr. Sylvia M. Orr Medical Laboratory Technology
1998 Stanley E. Sears Geomatics
1997 Dr. Gretchen T. Bersch Adult and Developmental Education
1997 Dr. Marilyn Hanf Buckley Education
1997 Joseph F. Connors Communication
1997 Dr. Richard L. Ender Management Information Systems
1997 Dr. Charles H. Iliff Business Computer Information Systems
1997 Dr. John A. Kruse Public Policy
1997 Dr. Arlene E. Kuhner English (posthumously)
1997 Anne D. Pasch Geology
1997 Garlyn R. Warren Business Computer Information Systems
1996 Victor Fischer Director Emeritus, Institute of Social & Economic Research
1996 Sam Isamu Kimura Art
1995 Dr. Sylvia C. Broady Journalism & Public Communication
1995 Dr. Glenn F. Massay Director Emeritus, Matanuska-Susitna College
1994 Dr. Donald F. Behrend Chancellor Emeritus
1994 Dr. Peter W. Dowrick Psychology
1994 Ken Gray Art
1994 Ronald L. Lautaret Library Science
1994 Dr. Thomas A. Morehouse Institute of Social & Economic Research
1994 Thomas F. Sexton English
1990 Dr. Stanley White Johnson Dean Emeritus, College of Arts & Sciences
1988 Dr. Garth N. Jones Public Policy & Administration
1987 Dr. John M. Hilpert Engineering Management
1986 Dr. Troy G. Sullivan Education
1986 Dr. Omer L. Carey Business Administration
1985 Saradell A. Ard Art
1985 Jean-Paul Billaud Music
1985 Dr. Lewis E. Haines Education
1985 Dr. Lidia L. Selkregg Public Administration/Planning
1985 Dr. Marie C. Doyle Psychology
1983? 1984? Dr. James R. Wilson English
1979? Dr. Wendell W. Wolfe Education
1976 Beatrice Gray McDonald Secretarial Science