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NOTE: Do Not Submit PDF'S or PHP's The last day to submit a paper for the semester is August 2nd by 5PMThe Writing Center will close for the intercession on August 3rd and reopen for Fall semester on September 5th.

The Writing Center provides high-quality tutoring via email (Live Appointments also available, scroll this page to find out more) to support students taking distance or online classes, especially while the center is closed to in-person consultations. Our active hours are weekdays 10AM-5PM, Mondays through Fridays. Feel free to check out our writing center video guide on how consultations are currently working.

Students wanting an eConsultation (by email) may submit a draft of their writing through our secure web form. Writing Center staff will review the draft and provide feedback based on the criteria selected in the form. Students will receive only suggestions for correction, not corrections on the work itself, as your writing belongs entirely to you.

Please be as specific as possible so that we can provide you with the most relevant and helpful feedback. Our staff will help identify problems and recommend solutions by guiding students to edit their own work. We want to empower students to write with clarity and confidence. Writing Center staff will provide feedback within 72 hours. Keep in mind that you may not recieve anything back until near the 72 hour mark as several students are using this service so your paper will go into queue as it is submitted. Documents submitted after 8pm weekdays will be considered received the next weekday morning at 10am. For example, anything submitted after 8 pm on a Friday will be considered received on the following Monday and returned by Thursday.


  • Drafts may be up to seven pages double-spaced
  • Longer drafts may be submitted in sections, but the same staff member may not review each section submitted
  • Only one document can be sumbitted per survey, so a longer work will need multiple surveys.
  • We cannot comment on .PAGES, .PDF, or .PHP documents. Please submit documents as .DOC, .DOCX., or .TXT. NOTE: Google docs will let you save your drafts as .DOCX 

Submit a draft for eConsultation

If you would like a live writing consultation via video, audio, or chat, check out the 'Live Appointments' section on this webpage.