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Congratulations on being admitted to the University of Alaska Anchorage! You’re one step closer to officially becoming a Seawolf.

Let us know you’re planning on attending UAA. Once you confirm your enrollment, we can connect you to valuable resources on campus and help you register for classes and prepare for your first semester at UAA.

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New Student Checklist

Once you’ve confirmed your enrollment, work through each of the following processes to ensure you’re prepared for the first day of class!

  • Confirm Your Enrollment

    Notify the University that you plan to attend UAA. You should have received an email asking you to indicate whether or not you’ll be attending UAA. Please be sure to fill out the form to reserve your spot. If you didn’t get the email, you can confirm your enrollment by filling out this form.

    Please remember that your admission is not complete until you submit your final high school and/or college transcripts.

    Confirm Your Enrollment
  • Access your UA Online Account

    UAOnline is an important resource you’ll use often during your time at UAA. Using UAOnline, you can:

    • Update your contact information and set a preferred email address
    • Print your official enrollment verification
    • Monitor your degree progress using DegreeWorks
    • Request an official transcript or view your unofficial transcripts
    • Register for classes
    • Review semester charges and make payments
    • Apply for graduation

    To access your UAOnline account for the first time:

    1. Visit ELMO
    2. Choose Option 3 to find your username and ID number.
    3. Enter your birth date, last name and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
    4. Click “Go ELMO!”
    5. Provide at least five pieces of information from the provided options. Then click “Confirm.”
    6. Choose your desired level of account security and establish three security questions. Click “OK.”
    7. Your username and ID number will be displayed on the left side of the page.
    8. Set your password on the right side of the page.
    9. Wait at least 15 minutes before logging into UAOnline.

    If you’re having trouble setting up or accessing your UAOnline account, contact IT Services at 907-786-4646.

    Access your UA Online Account
  • Apply for Financial Aid

    Your decision to pursue a degree at UAA is a great investment in your future. The Office of Financial Aid is here to help make sure you maximize the opportunities and resources that are available to you when it comes to funding your education. Your first step is to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is required to apply for all federal, state, and need-based institutional aid.

    Applying for Financial Aid:

    Step 1: Submit a FAFSA at

    • Obtain a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) at
        • Your FSA ID is used to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information and to electronically sign your federal student aid documents.
    • Gather the documents you’ll need to apply.

    List the UAA school code (011462) on the FAFSA, and UAA will automatically receive an electronic copy. UAA requires access to a current, valid FAFSA in order to process any of your financial aid.

    Helpful Hint: The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) is a convenient tool that is built into the FAFSA application and allows students and parents who filed a U.S tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to access IRS tax return information and transfer the data directly into the FAFSA.

    Step 2: Follow up on your application by tracking its progress.

    • Check your UAOnline “Financial Aid” tab regularly.
    • If you are required to submit additional documentation to the UAA Office of Financial Aid, do so as soon as possible to prevent delay in awarding. If you submit the required documents by July 15, UAA guarantees your financial aid will be processed by the payment deadline.
    • Monitor your UAA correspondence. The Office of Financial Aid will communicate with you via email and UAOnline.

    Alaska residents should complete the FAFSA by June 30 in order to maintain eligibility for the Alaska Performance Scholarship and the Alaska Education Grant.

    Apply for Financial Aid
  • Take your Placement Exams

    Placement exams determine the right math and writing classes for you. You need to complete these before meeting with your advisor. 

    Accuplacer is UAA’s computerized placement test to assess your skills in writing. For more information about Accuplacer, visit

    • Helpful Hint: You can be placed into writing courses based on your ACT or SAT score or through assessment of a writing sample. If your ACT English score is at or above 22, or if your Evidence Based Reading & Writing SAT score is at or above 560, you do not need to take the Accuplacer.

    ALEKS is the online placement test that helps determine the right Mathematics course for you. As a result, you’re advised to register for mathematics and statistics courses at the level indicated by your ALEKS scores. Unlike the Accuplacer, the ALEKS can be taken on any computer on your own time.

    • Note: You must have your UA ID number in order to log in to take the ALEKS examination.

    Take your Placement Exams
  • Meet with an Advisor

    As a new student at UAA, you should begin your academic journey by meeting with an advisor. UAA transition and academic advisors will help you identify and pursue the best pathway to achieve your academic, personal and career goals. It is extremely important that you meet with an advisor before registration opens each semester so that you’re ready to make informed decisions when choosing your courses. You’re encouraged to set up an appointment well in advance of registration.

    Find Your Advisor
    Each college at UAA has its own academic advising center. If you enrolled in a specific degree program when applying, then you simply need to contact the advising center within your college.

    • You can check your degree program and college on UAOnline under the “Student Records” tab and “View Student Information” link.

    Meet with an Advisor
  • Register for Classes

    UAA follows a priority registration schedule, meaning that admitted seniors register first, followed by juniors, sophomores, and first-years. Keep up with current and future registration dates and deadlines by viewing the calendar

    • Helpful Hint: Set up a meeting with your academic advisor before registration opens each semester to ensure you’re signing up for classes that align with your academic program requirements.

    You need to meet with an advisor before you register for classes. There are two ways to register:

    Schedule Planner (recommended)
    Schedule Planner is an online tool that makes building your schedule and registering for classes much easier. Schedule Planner allows you to input your availability and quickly review course schedules that work for your given timetable.

    1. Login to UAOnline. Under the “Student Services and Account Information” tab, select “Registration” and then “Create Your Perfect Schedule/Schedule Planner.”
    2. Choose a semester and select the campus(es) at which you are interested in taking classes.
    3. Click “Add Course” to add classes and “Add Break” to specify times you cannot take classes. Then click “Generate Schedules.”
    4. You can narrow your search using the “Course Status” option to view only classes with open seats or only classes with waitlist availability. You may also adjust your campus(es), semester and course delivery options, commonly referred to as “sessions.”
    5. Review your schedule option(s). If a schedule isn’t available, consider adding different courses or adjusting your breaks.
    6. Once you identify your perfect schedule, click “Send to Shopping Cart.” You will be automatically redirected to UAOnline.
    7. Click “Complete Registration Changes” to register for your selected classes. If your priority registration day has not yet arrived, remember to save your schedule in your cart so you can return to it later. Your saved cart is available in UAOnline under Registration.

    Register using UAOnline

    1. Log in to UAOnline and under the “Student Services and Account Information” tab, select “Registration.”
    2. Use “Class Search” to find courses you want to add. Select the semester and “UAA – Anchorage Campus” if you wish to narrow your results to courses offered in Anchorage and Chugiak-Eagle River or on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. You can search for multiple subjects at once or click the “Advanced Search” button to narrow your results even further.
    3. Review your search results and identify the courses you want to add.
    4. Click the checkboxes to the left of the CRNs and select "Add to Worksheet" at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to the Register/Add/Drop Classes page.
      Click “Complete Registration Changes” to register. You may also enter course CRNs directly on this page.
    5. If there are registration errors, review them carefully. Click “Error” for error definitions. Some errors, such as scheduling classes that overlap, can be quickly resolved by adding only one of the classes. Others may require assistance from an instructor or department. Contact your academic advisor for guidance.

    Register for Classes
  • Apply for Housing

    At UAA, you have the opportunity to embrace the full college experience and enjoy the beauty of Alaska by living on campus. The main campus at UAA features an amazing residential community with a variety of housing and dining options, a free shuttle service to help you get around campus and an amazing staff committed to ensuring your success and well-being.

    Apply to Live on Campus
    To live on campus, you must complete the online Housing Application. Space is assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so be sure to submit your application as early as possible.

    To Apply:

    1. Log in to UAOnline and select the “Campus Housing and Dining and Post Office” link under the “Student Services and Account Information” section.
    2. Select “UAA Campus Housing and Dining,” click on the “Applications & Forms” dropdown at the top of the page and choose the correct application.
    3. Carefully review the Housing Agreement and sign at the bottom with your mouse or your finger if you’re using a touchscreen.
    4. Click “Continue” and answer the Personal Information questions.
    5. Click “Continue” and add your Living Requests.
    6. Under “Request Type” choose “Room Preferences” and rate your room type preferences on a scale of one through eight, with your one being your first choice.
    7. Click “Continue” and you’ll be taken to the payment portal where you can pay the $60 application fee and the $300 refundable deposit. Please note, your application is not complete until you have submitted these payments.
    8. Your application is complete—you will receive a confirmation email once University Housing has processed your application (usually within seven days).

    Interested in living off campus? For information about housing options, laws, and utilities in Anchorage, visit Commuter Student Resources.

    Apply for Housing
  • Register for Howl Days New Student Orientation

    Howl Days New Student Orientation helps prepare you for a successful transition into life as a Seawolf.

    Why are these events important? Attending Howl Days is a great way to relieve common anxieties about starting college, and new students who make these valuable connections tend to:

    • Transition more successfully into college life
    • Enjoy greater satisfaction throughout the college experience
    • Display higher levels of academic achievement
    • Graduate from degree programs at a higher rate

    All incoming students who are new to UAA, whether first-year or transfer students, are expected to attend Orientation. Parents, guardians, family, and friends are welcome to attend Howl Days as guests. UAA offers a variety of orientation options depending on your major, college experience, proximity to campus, and the semester you begin at UAA. All orientations are FREE for incoming students. A small registration charge applies for guests.

    How to Register for Orientation
    To register, visit New Student Orientation, click on the “Register for Orientation” button, and complete and submit a registration form. If you have questions about which event is right for you, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call!

    Attend Howl Days
  • Order Textbooks

    Once you’ve registered for classes, prepare for the first day by collecting the textbooks and supplies you’ll need for the semester. The UAA Campus Bookstore provides an online list detailing which books you’ll need for each of your courses. For convenience, you can preorder your textbooks and pick them up in the two weeks leading up to the first day of classes.

    • Helpful Hint: At the end of the semester, you can sell your books back to the bookstore for cash if you don’t need them anymore, so don’t get rid of them!

    The UAA Campus Bookstore also sells school supplies, Seawolf apparel and school spirit items. Check out everything they have to offer when you’re on campus!

    Order Textbooks
  • Purchase a Parking Permit

    While classes are in session, UAA enforces parking permits and meters Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Fire lanes, ADA accessible spaces, residential housing lots and other marked spaces and areas are enforced 24/7. UAA Parking Services offers a variety of parking permits, including:

    • Hourly Parking Permits: Short-term parking permits are available for $2.00 per hour. You may purchase parking time either from Pay’n’Park machines in University lots, purchasing scratch-off permits at the Parking Services office, or using the Passport Pay by Phone app available in your phone’s app store or at
    • Annual or Semester Parking Permits: Parking Services offers a variety of semester or annual parking permits to suit your individual needs. You can purchase your permit online at The Permit Store.

    Helpful Hint: Parking Services offers a sizable early-bird discount, so keep an eye on the website for specific dates and buy your permit early!

    Purchase a Parking Permit
  • Obtain a WolfCard Student ID

    Your WOLFcard is an official campus identification card with your picture and UA ID number printed on it. You will use your WOLFcard to:

    • Use Consortium Library resources and check out books
    • Rent outdoor equipment from the Student Union Gear Room
    • Ride the People Mover public transportation system for free*
    • Enjoy movies, concerts and athletic events at the UAA student rate
    • Use workout facilities in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex and Alaska Airlines Center*
    • Pay for services on campus like printing and copying.

    *Some services are available only to students taking a specified minimum number of credits

    Your WOLFcard also holds your WOLFbucks account and, if you are living in the Residence Halls, your WOLFcard functions as your Dining Dollars account and room key.

    You can get your WOLFcard at either the University Center (UC) or the Consortium Library Main Circulation Desk. You can pick up your WOLFcard one week before classes start or any time thereafter. You cannot get your WOLFcard printed earlier than the week leading up to the first day of classes. For more information about WOLFcard benefits and policies, see the WOLFcard site.

    WOLFbucks is an online debit account run through your WOLFcard. This account allows you to conveniently make purchases around campus. Using WOLFbucks, you can:

    • Purchase items at the Campus Bookstore
    • Buy meals at University dining locations
    • Print from stations in campus computer labs
    • Use copiers in the Consortium Library

    There are several ways to deposit money to your WOLFbucks account:

    • Visit one of the six Value Transfer Stations installed on campus.
    • Visit the WOLFcard Office located in the University Center.
    • Deposit online at

    Obtain a WolfCard Student ID
  • Pay Your Bill

    UAA sends billing statements to your UAA email account or the preferred email address that you indicated in UAOnline. You can check your student account in UAOnline at any time to find your account details, payment history, tax documents and account holds. Keep an eye on the website to view the most current payment deadlines.

    How to Pay

    • Online: You can pay online using a credit or debit card through UAOnline or the Tuition Management System (TMS) Student Account Center. Please note that these payments will include a non-refundable service fee of 2.85% of the payment amount ($3 minimum). You can avoid the service fee by paying with a Web Check (ACH), a free service that allows you to pay using your checking or savings account. To pay via Web Check, you will need to provide your bank routing number and account number.
    • In Person: You may submit payments by cash, check or money order in person to UAA Cashiering, located in the University Center, 3901 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK 99503.
    • Mail: You may mail payments by check or money order to UAA Cashiering, PO Box 141609, Anchorage, AK 99514-1609. Be sure to include your name and student ID number to ensure that the correct account is credited.

    Pay Your Bill
  • Complete the Required Title IX Training

    The University of Alaska Anchorage takes its’ responsibility to ensure health and safety seriously. UAA is committed to providing an academic environment where everyone can live, study, work and have fun safely. Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination module is an online educational training tool that provides information about sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. All UAA students are required to complete this training module each year.

    1. Log in to UAOnline and under the “Student Services and Account Information” tab, select “Student Training.”
    2. Select "Title IX Training: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination".

    You can start and stop the training as necessary. In total, the training takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete. You must complete this training by a specified date to avoid a hold on your account, which would prevent you from registering for classes for the next semester. You will receive reminders about the training and the deadline will be advertised around campus. You should not, however, finish the training before July 1, otherwise it will not count toward the following academic year.

    Complete the Required Title IX Training
  • Explore Campus Resources

    The main UAA campus is just minutes from downtown Anchorage and the beautiful mountain ranges of the Chugach National Forest State Park. As Alaska’s largest university, UAA hosts amazing programs and events and offers endless opportunities for you to get involved in local, national and international activities.

    UAA offers a variety of services and resources to promote academic and personal success and wellbeing. In addition, a number resources are available to provide services related to academics, support and advocacy, health, safety, and cultural engagement.

    Explore Campus Resources


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