*NOTE: CTI program information is being modified due to FAA announcement on Jan. 8, 2014.

The Federal Aviation Administration has designated the University of Alaska Anchorage as part of the College Training Initiative program. UAA is one of 36 approved CTI Air Traffic Control schools across the nation and was one of the five original schools approved at the program's beginning. To date, the UAA air traffic control program has graduated more than 400 students. UAA graduates boast a high graduation rate at the Federal Aviation Administration Academy.

Program Overview

Associate of Applied Science

The air traffic control program provides enhanced career opportunities for graduates, preparing students for careers in air traffic in both the private and public sectors. The Associate of Applied Science degree provides students with basic entry-level requirements.

Air traffic control professionals utilize knowledge of aircraft operating limitations and performance, weather and atmospheric processes, radar theory and radar systems, federal regulations, the U.S. air traffic control system, as well as navigation methods within the National Airspace System. The associate degree prepares students for the technical requirements of the air traffic control profession, and for entry into the FAA Academy.

UAA has no restrictions on age or physical condition of students entering into the program; however, students desiring employment with the Federal Aviation Administration should be aware of FAA employment requirements. Please consult the UAA Course Catalog for specific requirements.

Students with no prior air traffic control background should begin course work in the fall semester. Early registration is strongly recommended. To enhance understanding of the program, prospective students are encouraged to read our CTI information document [PDF]* before contacting us for academic advising.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in aviation technology degree with an air traffic control emphasis is available for students wishing to prepare for management positions in the air traffic career field. The bachelor's degree prepares students not only for the technical requirements of air traffic control, but also for the organizational, human relations, and managerial demands.


Did You Know?

Students who enroll in our air traffic control lab classes use state-of-the-art simulation equipment. Labs only accept four to eight students in each lab session, providing each student with a high level of individual attention.