Current Students


All students should meet with an academic advisor prior to beginning any program of study.  Students in UAA's aviation programs are initially advised by Marcus Brown, Student Success Coach (907-786-7200).

Program faculty also offer career advising and mentoring. Please see the faculty & staff directory page for names and contact information.

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor periodically for the purpose of reviewing their academic progress and planning future courses. The academic advisor will be able to assist students in the appropriate course sequence.

It is particularly important for students to meet with their instructors or their advisor whenever academic difficulties arise.  Students who address issues early can often find ways to recover and succeed in their courses.  Waiting to address academic struggles until late in the semester limits options and opportunities to be successful.  

Marcus Brown


All of the following scholarships require completion of the University of Alaska Scholarship Application. Some scholarships require additional qualifications. In addition to the Aviation specific scholarships shown below, several general and College-level scholarships are available.