Margritt Engel

Margritt Engel
Professor Emeritus of Languages (German)

PhD, University of Texas at Austin; MA, Southern Illinois University; BA, McKendree College, Illinois





 Journal of a Voyage with BeringJournal of a Voyage with Bering, 1741-1742

Dr Margritt Engel with OW Frost, translated Georg Wilhelm Steller's journal. The European discovery of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands is fully and dramatically recorded in this journal--a gripping narrative of human conflict, of nature as adversary of terror and pain and death, and of final deliverance.

Steller's History of Kamchatka Steller's History of Kamchatka

Everything was of interest to Georg Willhelm Steller, whom the Russian Academy of Sciences appointed as naturalist to Virus Bering's second Kamchatka expedition. This first-ever English translation of his German edition is most valuable for its descriptions of the natural and human worlds that Steller found in the mid-eighteenth century. Steller's breadth and depth in recording the natural and human world makes this new translation an important reference for readers interested in all aspects of North Pacific and Russian American history.