The Community & Technical College (CTC) awards a limited number of student tuition waivers each academic year to assist eligible CTC students to complete certificates and degrees.

What is a tuition waiver?
A tuition waiver is not a grant of cash but instead waives tuition charges for approved courses during the semester of the award. Waivers do not waive fees or other costs (e.g., living expenses, textbooks, etc.). A waiver is applied to the student's UAA account by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Tuition waivers can be used only for courses offered through the UAA Anchorage Main Campus and Chugiak-Eagle River Campus. Waivers can only be applied to courses required for certificates or degrees.

What is the purpose of the CTC Tuition Waiver Program?
At CTC, tuition waivers are considered a student completion/graduation strategy to assist eligible students in completing their academic goals of obtaining certificates and degrees. The program goals are aligned with college and UAA core theme three: student success.

Who is eligible to apply for a CTC tuition waiver?
Student eligibility is determined by the following criteria:

  • Be an Alaska resident as defined by the University of Alaska Board of Regents
  • Be fully admitted to a CTC major
  • Be in academic good standing status as defined by UAA in both the semester of application and semester of award
  • Have no pending disciplinary actions
  • Have a cumulative UAA GPA of 2.8 or higher
  • Have a completed FAFSA application on record with the UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance
  • Have completed at least half of the required credits in their CTC major at the time of application

How do I apply for a CTC tuition waiver?
The application process is a competitive activity conducted in the college twice annually. In each fall and spring semester, an application "window" is opened, usually a six-week period in which application forms are obtained either online on the CTC college website, or in hard copy available at the CTC Office of the Dean, UC141. Students complete the application forms and compile their "packet" - which is submitted in hard copy by the end of the day of the published deadline. Assistance is available upon request for students with disabilities who would like help with their application.

How are applications reviewed?
Applications are initially screened to ensure applicant eligibility and for completeness, then referred to a five-member, elected faculty committee for review. The committee meets to consider the merits of each application and recommends awards to the CTC Dean. The Dean reviews the committee's recommendations and makes the final award decision.

How are tuition waivers awarded?
Awards are recorded in the student's financial aid record at UAA. Tuition waivers are not awarded in the form of funds to the student.

Can a tuition waiver be combined with other forms of financial assistance (e.g., scholarships, loans, etc.)?
Yes, a tuition waiver may be combined with other forms of financial assistance by the UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance in developing each student's financial package. Note that tuition waivers only apply to tuition and are not funds; thus, they do not pay for any other expenses of attending college (housing, books, fees).

Can a tuition waiver be applied to college preparatory and developmental studies courses?
No, tuition waivers can only be applied for credit-bearing, undergraduate coursework.

Can tuition waivers be used for general education credits (GERs)?
Yes, as long as the courses are required for program completion.

Can tuition waivers be used for graduate credits?
No, tuition waivers are awarded only for undergraduate lower division and upper division courses.

How many credits are waived in an award?
Credits are waived in blocks of 1-12 credits per student per semester depending on availability.

Can a partially-used award be "banked" forward to a future semester?
Occasionally a student's academic plan may change in the period between the award date and the following semester (for which the tuition is waived). An award of a tuition waiver does not establish any ongoing, tuition account credit (pending benefit) for recipient (e.g., the award may not be carried over from one semester to another).

Can a tuition waiver award be given to another student in case the award cannot be used?
A tuition waiver may not be transferred to any other individual.

Are tuition waiver awards made for summer semester enrollment?
Tuition waivers are awarded only for fall and spring semesters.

Can waivers be used for late-starting courses?
Yes, recipients should advise CTC Dean's Office staff of their intent by the add-drop deadline or risk award forfeiture.

Do tuition waivers also waive fees?
No, tuition waivers may not be used for fees, or any other purpose than tuition.

What happens if I can't accept or use the waiver once awarded due to unforeseen circumstances?
Because waivers are limited, please notify the CTC Dean's Office as soon as possible so that the waiver can be repurposed.

How are successful applicants notified of their award?
Applications submitted during the fall semester for the following spring semester are processed in December. Applications considered during the spring semester for the following fall are processed in July. Applicants are notified of their award status by regular mail in a letter from the CTC Dean. Award notification dates are included in the application packet.

How do I actually receive the award?
The CTC Dean's Office will provide documentation to the UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance before the first day of classes. The waiver is applied directly to your student account.