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Employee Experience


The Employee Experience department is committed to creating a sense of belonging on our campuses and in local communities by providing support and engagement opportunities for all UAA employees. 


Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant and connected workplace culture in which all employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered in their personal and professional lives. 


The Employee Experience Department is guided by four core values to continue to support the employee experience: Collaboration, Wellness, Recognition, and Development. 

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The Employee Experience Department provides support and engagement opportunities for all UAA employees through programs related to onboarding, community building, and personal and professional development. From the Synergy Groups, to the Inside Look series, to Varsity Sports Grill mixers, New Employee Orientation, and beyond, the Employee Experience department is committed to partnering with campus departments to uplift the employee experience across UAA's campuses. 


  • Employees walking from Wendy after PEAKS Keynote Presentation
    Professional Excellence and Knowledge Summit
  • Ryan Buchholdt leads a wildlife walk around campus
    Staff Appreciation Day Nature Walk
  • Heather Jensen speaks with employees about the Employee Connection Cart
    Monthly Employee Connection Cart Visit


Employee Testimonials

"Synergy Group and Employee Connection Cart events have given me (and it seems others) the opportunity to connect more with the UAA community via their own interests; especially for newer employees"

"Wow! Not only was the presentation awesome--what a great way to network with coworkers and build connections. I was so impressed with how ideas for collaboration with different departments came from this. This is great for the synergy groups and your onboarding work in general"

"This wellness workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. Please continue to provide more information and opportunities on campus to learn about and promote the importance of movement and how we can get more of it in our day."