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Welcome to the Employee Experience Department! We provide support and engagement opportunities for all UAA employees through programs related to onboarding, community building, and personal and professional development.

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The Employee Experience department is committed to creating a sense of belonging on our campuses and in local communities by providing support and engagement opportunities for all UAA employees. 

What is employee engagement?

    • Employee engagement refers to the overall workplace culture and involvement that employees have toward their work, their organization, and its goals.

Why is it important?

    • When employees are engaged in their workplace, they feel a sense of purpose and are more connected to their colleagues which in turn creates a more positive work environment. This engagement can result in increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and lower turnover rates, making it a vital aspect of organizational success.

What factors contribute to employee engagement?

    • Various factors, including open communication, social connection, recognition, and opportunities for growth contribute to employee engagement.


Our vision is to cultivate a vibrant and connected workplace culture in which all employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered in their personal and professional lives. 


  • Collaboration: Fostering strong partnerships among employees, departments, and communities that represent diverse perspectives and expertise to drive innovation and excellence.
  • Wellness: Promoting a holistic approach to work-life balance by prioritizing the overall well-being of our employees.
  • Recognition: Honoring and celebrating individual and collective successes that highlight employee contributions.
  • Development: Investing in the personal and professional growth of employees in an ever-changing world through continuous learning opportunities.


"Synergy Group and Employee Connection Cart events have given me (and it seems others) the opportunity to connect more with the UAA community via their own interests; especially for newer employees."

"Wow! Not only was the presentation awesome--what a great way to network with coworkers and build connections. I was so impressed with how ideas for collaboration with different departments came from this. This is great for the synergy groups and your onboarding work in general"

"This was a great event! It was wonderful to talk to the people making campus so beautiful and to have something active-but-not-strenuous to do together."

"This wellness workshop couldn’t have come at a better time. Please continue to provide more information and opportunities on campus to learn about and promote the importance of movement and how we can get more of it in our day."

"I loved this! It was such a nice break from work. I feel more energized now and have some fantastic flowers to look at! Score!"