UAA Surplus: GovDeals

Dual coputer screens

UAA General Support Services and the Surplus team has implemented a new online method for
departments to view inventory and claim items.  In addition, this will include a new method for external
sales as well!  Our public sales are also online only - no in person warehouse sales are anticipated to
be scheduled going forward.

We are now working with and setting up all of our available Surplus assets online!

The basics of the new system:

1) UAA Internal Reallocation:

Assets likely to be reallocated internally will be placed first in the UAA Internal Reallocation Tier. There is a link to the GovDeals site and a Universal Login available on our UAA Surplus page.  Any UAA employee can login using the Universal Login and view items.  However, only specific individuals are authorized to CLAIM items off the Internal Reallocation page for departmental use to allow for better internal controls. This list includes building managers, Facilities Project Managers, and departmental staff noted on department signature cards.  If your departmental property custodian is incorrect or there is not one listed for your department, please contact LynnAnn Briske, UAA Property Coordinator, at  to update your departmental authorized signature card.  Departments may also request additional accounts be set up. 

 Note that the process for surplus computers to be reallocated internally remains the same  - departments should contact UAA ITS for information on any computers available for internal reallocation.

UAA Staff/Faculty Authorized to Claim.


2) Public Sales:
After a specified period of time, assets will roll to the Public tier for bidding by external customers. Once in the public tier, we strongly discourage departments from claiming items. Small/low value items such as furniture will generally NOT be pulled from the public site for reallocation. However, high value/specialized items will be pulled from the public tier for departmental use if needed. 



How UAA departments will use GovDeals:

  • Login using the Universal Login (below)

  • When you find an item for your department, please have your departmental property
    coordinator or building manager use their own login to claim the item.
  • If you are claiming PART of a lot of items (for example, the listing is for 10 chairs and the
    department only wants 2, please DO NOT claim the item since it will remove the listing – contact
    UAA Surplus for assistance.
  • GovDeals UAA Universal Login:
    (To be used by UAA employees only – students are not allowed to claim UAA Surplus internally, only through public sale)
    Go to
    Use the “Sign In” feature (Do not register – that is only for public sales.)
    Username: uaasurplusint.18944
    Password: Seawolf33