Diversity Interview Questions

  1. Explain how diversity has played a role in your career.
  2. What books/materials/authors have you read on the subject of diversity?
  3.  What is your vision of diversity on a campus such as the University of Alaska Anchorage?
  4. How have you participated in diversity events and organizations at the other colleges and universities?
  5. Provide us with an example of how you managed diversity in your classroom experiences?
  6. What ideas do you have about diversity in the classroom?
  7. What programs have you developed in the area of diversity?
  8. Has diversity played a role in shaping your teaching and advising styles?
  9. Have you been involved in writing or shaping a diversity plan?
  10. As a faculty member, have you done any research in the field of Diversity?
  11. As a higher education professional, have you done any work in the area of diversity in the community?
  12. What do you see as the most challenging aspects of an increasingly diverse academic community?  Follow-up question:  What initiatives have you taken in your previous capacities to meet such challenges?
  13. What is your sense of the complexities and leadership challenges related to these issues?
  14. How would you work with people under your supervision to foster a climate receptive to diversity in the workforce, in the curriculum, in faculty/staff meetings?
  15. Suppose that in working with a University unit you discover a pervasive belief that diversity and excellence are somehow in conflict. How do you conceptualize the relationship between diversity and excellence? What kinds of leadership efforts are needed to encourage a commitment to excellence through diversity?
  16. In what ways have you integrated multicultural issues as part of your professional development?
  17. Tell the committee about a time when you had to adapt to a wide variety of people by accepting/understanding their perspectives?
  18. What have you done to further your knowledge/understanding about diversity? How have you demonstrated your learning?
  19. Can you recall a time when you gave feedback to a co-worker who was unaccepting of others?
  20. Tell the committee about a time that you successfully adapted to a culturally different environment?
  21. Can you describe to the committee a time that you adopted your style in order to work effectively with individuals different from you?