National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)

NCBI Program Participants and leadership team

In early 2007, the UAA Faculty Senate Diversity Committee and the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFÉ) worked collaboratively to devise a plan to create a Diversity Team at UAA in an effort to create an inclusive and supportive campus environment.  Working with the National Coalition Building Institute was part of the charge for the creation of a long-range action plan for the institution.  This effort became the catalyst for several training efforts and the establishment of UAA's NCBI Campus Affiliate in January 2008 (following our first "Train-the-Trainer" session).

UAA's team's talented mix of administrators, faculty, students, and staff from varying disciplines are committed to advancing the mission of NCBI and using its methodology both inside and outside the classroom to respond to issues of discrimination, oppression, and controversial issues that may occur on-campus.

Involvement with Our NCBI Affiliate

Monthly chapter meetings are opportunities for NCBI UAA members to develop their individual leadership skills in a cooperative setting. Led by the Director, chapter meetings focus on learning new information about oppression, practicing NCBI workshop model, strategizing, and individual growth while gaining support and suggestions from peer leaders.  Chapter meetings are open to anyone who has attended a 3-day Train-the-Trainer (TTT).

For additional information about NCBI International, the training modules, and workshops, please visit their website at 

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