University of Alaska Anchorage

  • Alaska Earth Systems Field School (co-founder & co-director summers 2001-2004)
  • Advanced Alaska Earth Systems Field School (graduate)
  • Advanced Conservation Biology (graduate)
  • Advanced Evolutionary Biology (graduate)
  • Animal Behavior & Animal Behavior Lab
  • Biogeography
  • Community Based Environmental Research: A Field Sampling Institute – a course on contaminants and public health offered in Nome for residents of Alaska Native villages in Norton Sound and Bering Sea islands
  • Conservation Biology - a service-learning course focused on water quality and habitat assessment for the Russian Jack Community 
  • Earth as an Ecosystem: Introduction to Environmental Science
  • Enduring Books: Carson’s Silent Spring (freshman honors course)
  • Graduate Research Techniques
  • Lab Practicum: Ecotoxicology

Northwest Council for Study Abroad (Rosario, Argentina: Universidad Nacional de Rosario)

  • Environmental Justice
  • Enduring Books: Carson’s Silent Spring

Northwest Council for Study Abroad (Valdivia, Chile; in Spanish)

  • Conservation Biology 
  • Biogeography and Conservation Case Studies in Chile 
University of Virginia, Semester at Sea
  • Marine Biology: Morphology and the Behavior of Marine Fishes
  • Marine Biology: Mangrove Forest and Coral Reef Restoration
  • Conservation Biology: Invasive Species and Restoration Ecology

University of Pittsburgh, Semester at Sea

  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Global Ecology
  • Primate Biology

Columbia University

  • Beyond Deforestation: Causes, Patterns, and Consequences of Forest Degradation
  • Conservation Biology and Field Techniques in Conservation Biology
  • Earth Systems Field School: Encountering Ecosystems 
  • (co-director summer 1999, director summer 2000)
  • Field Course in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Independent Research in Environmental Science and Policy
  • Introduction to Earth Systems: the Life System
  • Planetary Management Seminar and Laboratory
  • Principles and Methods of Ecological Stewardship
  • Tutorial in Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of California, Berkeley

  • Advanced Primate Biology (lab)
  • Animal Biology: A Behavioral View (lab)
  • General Biology (lab)
  • Introduction to the Science of Living Organisms
  • Primate Biology

Field courses taught in the following subjects:

  • Tropical rainforest ecology, Peruvian Amazon River and flooded forest (summer 1994)
  • Desert ecology, Sonoran Desert, Arizona and northern Mexico (Columbia University, fall and spring semesters + summers 1996-2000)
  • Primate behavior/wetland ecology/tropical forest ecology/montane ecology, Japan, Hong Kong and China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Morocco (Semester at Sea, University of Pittsburgh, fall semester 1999)
  • Subarctic ecology & geomorphology, Alaska (University of Alaska Anchorage & the National Science Foundation, summers 2001, 2002, 2004)
  • Tropical rainforest ecology, Costa Rica (Organization for Tropical Studies & the National Science Foundation, summer 2005)
  • Conservation biology and biogeography, Chile (Northwest Council for Study Abroad, fall semester 2007)
  • Arctic ecotoxicology, Nome (summers 2008, 2009, 2012) and Anchorage (summer 2010; Alaska Community Action on Toxics, University of Alaska and the National Institutes of Health)
  • Environmental justice & environmental history, Argentina (Northwest Council for Study Abroad, spring semester 2011)