UAA Colors and Fonts

The official UAA colors are green and gold as described below. There are no "official" fonts, however, please review the font guidelines below.


UAA Colors


Solid on coated stock
Pantone 343 c

Process (CMYK) on coated stock
C=98%, M=0%, Y=72%, K=61%

Solid on uncoated stock
Pantone 342 u

Process (CMYK) on uncoated stock
C=100%, M=0%, Y=71%, K=43%

Screen RGB
R=0, G=88, B=61

Screen Hexidecimal

Solid on coated or uncoated stock
Pantone 123

Process (CMYK) on coated or uncoated stock
C=0%, M=24%, Y=94%, K=0%

Solid for newsprint
Pantone 121

Process (CMYK) for newsprint
C=0%, M=11%, Y=69%, K=0%

Screen RGB
R=255, G=196, B=37

Screen Hexidecimal


UAA Fonts

Consistent use of fonts is very effective in projecting a unified institutional image. The official wordmark (University of Alaska Anchorage) is in the font ITC Galliard. The font used in the unit/department names in the unit/departmental logos is Optima.

Recommended typefaces to use in your documents that will look good with UAA's image include:

Serif fonts (usually used for body text)
  • Garamond
  • Goudy Old Style
  • Times
  • Times New Roman
Sans Serif fonts (usually used for headings and Web sites)
  • Gill Sans
  • Helvetica
  • Futura
  • Arial
The fonts Galliard and Optima should not be used for body copy. The power of the wordmark derives from its unique application.