The International Studies program at UAA prepares students to be global citizens in an interdependent world.  International and intercultural understanding and competency are essential in all aspects of life and work, and this program seeks to prepare students to be contributing members of the international

The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in International Studies provides students with the analytical skills and cross-cultural sensitivities required of informed, global citizens.  Core courses introduce students to different modes of enquiry and understanding and provide the foundation for a comparative approach to issues across regions, societies, and cultures.  Coursework in a specific track focuses the student on a particular language and region.  

International studies students are encouraged to engage in an international or intercultural experience related to their program of study and the student learning outcomes of the program. Students may earn credits applicable to the degree program through a study abroad program, short-term study abroad, or an internship or service-learning project that involves a significant international or intercultural component. Students seeking to apply to degree requirements credits through study abroad, internship, or service-learning should consult an academic adviser and submit an academic petition in advance.

Students who complete a bachelor's of International Studies will gain an understanding of the challenges and complexities of cross-cultural interactions in an increasingly interconnected world.  


Honors in International Studies

Students majoring in International Studies are eligible to graduate with honors if they satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Meet the requirements for Graduation with Honors.
  2. Meet the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.
  3. Maintain a grade point average of 3.80 or above in courses applicable to the degree requirements.
  4. Complete the ENGL A343, HIST A390, or PHIL A400 of a grade of A, and complete GEOG A390A or SOC A380 with a grade of A.