Russia Track (Language: Russian)

HIST A330 Russia in East Asia (3)

Russia Elective Course Selection                                                                 9

ANTH A434 Peoples and Cultures of Northeast Asia (3)
ART A492 Art History Seminar
(with approved topic) (3)
GEOG A344 The Slavic World (3)
GEOG A447 The Silk Road (3)
HIST A423 Medieval Russian History (3)
HIST A424 Imperial Russian History (3)
HIST A425 History of the Soviet Union (3)
HIST/RUSS A427* Post-Soviet Culture and Society (3)
HIST A477 Senior Seminar (3)
(with approved topic)
HIST A486 Studies in Modern Europe (3)
(with approved topic)
PS A492* Senior Seminar in Politics (3)
(with approved topic)
RUSS A390 Selected Topics in Advanced Russian (3)
RUSS A490A Selected Topics in Russian Culture (1-3)
RUSS A490B Selected Topics in Russian Culture in Translation (1-3)
THR A490 Selected Topics in Performance (with approved topic) (3)
THR A492* Senior Seminar (3) (with approved content)

Any course with the appropriate focus and approved by academic petition for the category.  For example, a topics course that focuses on Russia.  (3)