2012 Cabin Fever Debates

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Cabin Fever DebatesEach year the Seawolf Debate team is proud to sponsor the Cabin Fever Debates Intramural Debating Tournament. Held each spring semester, the Cabin Fever Debates provide UAA students not active on the competitive Seawolf team the opportunity to give academic debating a try. Designed for students with little or no competitive experience, the tournament exposes students to the fundamentals of debating and the chance to compete for a great prize package, including $1,000 to the championship team.

Cabin Fever Debates: Championship Round
Date: Thursday, March 8
Time: 7 p.m.; reception and awards to follow at 8 p.m.
Location: Arts 150

The final round motion: Following the model of Portugal, the U.S. should decriminalize the use of recreational drugs.

About the motion: This year marks the 10th anniversary of Portugal's experiment with decriminalization of all drugs. Decriminalization is not legalization, but a change in the status of offense represented by drug use and possession. Rather than treating casual users of recreational drugs as criminals, a regime of decriminalization treats possession and use as civil offenses, similar to a parking ticket. The approach to treating the problems associated with drug use changes from the pursuit of crime to the medical treatment of addicts. Given the significant economic problems facing our nation and the high cost of the "War on Drugs," the time has come to discuss whether alternate approaches would better meet the needs of the United States.

Join Seawolf Debate next week as they judge this final round and, in the meantime, check out the standings of the tournament to date.

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