The numbers are in: Anchorage companies hire UAA grads

by Matt Jardin  |   

UAA alumni employed at Spawn hold up "We Hire UAA Grads" stickers
Spawn Ideas' UAA grads show off their UAA pride at Spawn's downtown office. From left: Amanda Torgeson, B.B.A. '18; Shelley Wesser, B.A. '13; Siobhan Johansen, B.A. '15; and Anita Laulainen, A.A. '16, B.A. '18. (Photo by James Evans / University of Alaska Anchorage)

How do you measure the impact of a university? Over the years, we've highlighted Anchorage businesses that rely on UAA to produce qualified staff. These businesses cover a wide range of industries. From health care, engineering, aviation and communications, one thing remains constant: Anchorage companies hire Seawolves.

(Note: Some of the included stories have been written as early as 2012. As such, company structure and/or staffing numbers may have changed since the original stories were published.)

MSI Communications

UAA alumni staff of MSI communications

As the go-to agency for Alaska's resource industries, MSI Communications relies on UAA alumni for their intuitive understanding of the state, including company founder and president Laurie Fagnani.

CRW Engineering

UAA alumni staff of CRW Engineering

CRW Engineering is firmly committed to engineering in Alaska. That's why half its staff - 33 people in total - hold degrees from UAA, and why the company prioritizes a culture that celebrates the outdoors. Read more about the firm's immense UAA connections, and its contributions to our state's cycling scene.

Ryan Air

UAA alumni staff of Ryan Air

Alaska Native-owned Ryan Air is a third-generation family business that looks to both their family tree and the wide network of UAA alumni to staff their operations in 73 villages across Western Alaska.

Off the Chain

UAA alumni volunteers of Off the Chain

The seven-year-old "UAA Bike Club" stickers haven't lost their green and gold shine just yet. The vivid stickers pop out throughout the workspace at Off the Chain, an Anchorage-based bicycle cooperative and growing city resource that owes much of its early momentum to the now-defunct group at UAA.

Coombs Orthodontics

UAA alumni staff of Coombs Orthodontics

Coombs Orthodontics takes on UAA students each spring to complete their externship, and many stay on as full-time staff immediately after completing their six-week program. Brace yourself for a tale of a true community partnership.

Frontier Tutoring 

UAA alumni staff of Frontier Tutoring

A small side project among freshmen friends at UAA has grown into a thriving business. Frontier Tutoring now hires a team of Seawolves as tutoring specialists, providing a boost for Anchorage's college-bound students.

AMC Engineers 

UAA alumni staff of AMC Engineers

AMC Engineers started operating in 1981, and has helped UAA grow its campus, engineering program and students ever since. Read more about how AMC Engineers, and their team of UAA alumni and students, is involved in the building of our ever-changing campus.

myHealth Clinic 

UAA alumni staff of myHealth Clinic

Meet Cheryl, Jyll and Brian. These nurse practitioners and UAA alums have teamed up to both cure and care for patients at myHealth Clinic, located in south Anchorage.

Cornerstone General Contractors

UAA alumni staff of Cornerstone General Contractors

Cornerstone General Contractors, an all Alaskan-owned company, is making a big impact on the University of Alaska Anchorage from supporting UAA's Construction Management program to building some of UAA's largest buildings, including the Alaska Airlines Center.

Northwest Strategies 

UAA Alumni Staff of Northwest Strategies

Eight of Northwest Strategies' 27 employees are UAA grads; three are former UA Scholars and one paid for college by investing in the UA College Savings Plan.

Avante Medical Center 

UAA alumni staff of Avante Medical Center

Avante Medical Center was co-founded by a UAA alumna.

Daybreak Inc. 

UAA alumni staff of Daybreak Inc.

Seven-eighths of Daybreak Inc. staff are Seawolves. Literally, 7 out of a staff of 8.

Compiled by Matt Jardin, UAA Office of University Advancement

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