Economics and Etiquette: Vernon and Candace Smith visit UAA

by Austin Osborne  |   

UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) welcomed Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith and his wife, Candace, to campus last week. Students had the opportunity to learn about Vernon’s work on experimental economics and attend an etiquette lunch and instruction session with Candace, who is a nationally-recognized business educator.

Vernon served as UAA's first Rasmuson Chair of Economics from 2003 to 2006. In 2002, shortly before joining UAA, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for developing methods to conduct laboratory-based economics experiments. He spearheaded the development of UAA's experimental economics program, and the Experimental Economics Lab has subsequently been recognized internationally for distinction in research and teaching and continues to attract leading scholars in the field.

A small group of CBPP students met and chatted with Vernon in an informal setting before he presented a seminar titled Classical Economics Lost and Found: The Role of Experiments to faculty and students.

Candace operates Candace Smith Etiquette, a program that teaches practical skills in etiquette, protocol and communication for business settings. Candace worked in secondary education for more than 25 years and garnered a number of distinctions, including a National Award for Excellence in Economics Education by the Foundation for Teaching Economics.

CBPP students had the opportunity to learn from Candace through a free lunch and education session in the Alaska Airlines Center. In this hands-on learning experience, Candace presented on dining with colleagues and potential employers.

All photos by James Evans, Chief of Photography & Videography, University of Alaska Anchorage. View the slideshow at the UAA Photo Bank.

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