Slideshow: Springtime in the UAA Greenhouse

by James Evans, Chief of Photography and Videography  |   

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(All photos by James Evans, Chief of Photography and Videography, University of Alaska Anchorage)

Among the many signs of spring visible at UAA, on Monday morning UAA’s grounds maintenance staff were hard at work moving plants out of the university’s greenhouse.

According to grounds team member Kagen Silver, every October individual grounds team members are given flower beds to design for the following summer. Plants are then selected and grown from seeds in the greenhouse, starting in January. Now, with temperatures staying consistently above freezing, the seedlings are finally able to acclimate for a few weeks outdoors before being planted around campus in early June.

This year, the team is looking forward to renovations being made to UAA's 50th Anniversary Garden outside Rasmuson Hall and hope to begin planting soon after they are complete – likely around June 9.

Whether you’re taking summer classes or just looking for a beautiful place to take a stroll, be sure to stop by UAA this summer and experience campus in bloom.

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