Policies & Procedures

The Office of Sponsored Programs policies, developed and vetted by the Vice Provost’s Research Council with institution-wide representation of research interests, conforms and aligns with UA Board of Regents policies, state and federal laws, as well as national research administration best practices. Questions regarding OSP policies can be directed to Interim Vice Provost for Research Aaron Dotson.

Proposal Tracking and Notification Procedures

CUI Management Protection Policy

Classification of Restricted Fund

All restricted fund activities must be vetted, approved, and set-up through OSP. This policy defines restricted funds and allocates decision authority to the VP of ORGS, with designation to the Director of OSP.

Crowdfunding Policy

This policy is under development. Meanwhile, this policy defines UAA startup company, requires approval by Seawolf Holdings and the VP ORGS, and mandates the use of approved sites for crowdfunding.

Data Management Policy

Ensures that all proposals submitted by UAA to sponsors for funding are compliant with the data management requirements of the external funding agency to which the proposal is being submitted.

F&A Waiver Policy

Sets forth circumstances and establishes the procedure for requesting a partial or full waiver of F&A costs on sponsored projects.

Institutional Review Board Compensation of Research Subjects

Defines “compensation” for payments made to research subjects and ensures equitable selection of subjects by only approving payment methods that are not coercive and do not present undue influence.

Limited Solicitations

Establishes the procedure for responding to solicitations that limit the number of proposals from an institution.

Match/Cost Share Policy

UAA’s policy is not to approve any cost sharing unless it is required by the funding agency. Policy provides definitions, responsibilities, and exclusions. 

PI Eligibility Policy

Tenured and tenure-track faculty, research faculty, and emeritus faculty are normally allowed to serve as PIs. All others require an exemption by their institute director/dean with the approval of OSP. 

Proposal Review Policy

This policy informs the reader regarding the process for proposal submission and approval at UAA.

Residual Funds Policy

Directs the treatment of residual funds to ensure they are expended to advance the research mission of the University.