Find Funding

There are many sources of funding for proposals-federal, state, private, non-profit, oil company, Native organization, foundations, ect.

Searchable Databases:

47 Billion dollars of funding is available from Government agencies and private sources.

Grants Resource Center - GrantSearch
The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Grants Resource Center (GRC) provides this site to find private and federal grant information.

Searchable database of funding opportunities in biomedical research and science education.

National Council of University Research Administrators.  NCURA offers research funding agencies and research administration organizations information.
This site provides scientists, engineers, and science aware citizens easy access to key government web sites.

Federal Funding Sites:

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)
The CFDA is a searchable database of all Federal resources for assistance programs available to governments, public and private profit and non-profit organizations and institutions. provides information for individuals and institutions from 26 federal grant organizations. Applications are also available on the website.

Principal Investigators may also find individual agency websites helpful in determining which area may be funding projects that closely match the area of investigation being pursued by the researcher.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA)

National Endowments for the Humanities (NEH)

National Institutes of Health (NIH) This agency uses as the official portal for all submissions.
SF424 Application Guide

National Oceanic & Atmosphere Administration (NOAA)

National Science Foundation (NSF) The NSF allows applicants to use either FASTLANE or to apply for funding. 
Proposal Guide
NSF FastLane

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC)

U.S. Department of Defense DOD

U.S. Department of Education ED

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Other Funding Sites and Opportunities:

Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
ArcticInfo is a moderated mailing list maintained by the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS). The list provides arctic researchers with timely information about funding opportunities, important events, publications, position announcements, and other useful news.

UAA Consortium Library Funding Resource Center
For questions or assistance with this resource, contact Deborah Mole, Professor/Librarian, at 786-1967 or

Alaska EPSCoR
Information about the Alaska Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

Alaska INBRE
Information about the Alaska Idea Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence.

Mountain West CTR-IN
Information about the Mountain West IDeA Clinical and Translational Research –Infrastructure Network. The  CTR-IN Pilot Projects Program provides funding for clinical and translational research, the Pilot Projects Program facilitates cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations and provides linkages to the study design, biostatistics, education, mentoring and career development assistance offered through our Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research and Design and Professional Development Cores. Please contact the UAA concierge for information and assistance with the CTR-IN Pilot projects. In FY19 the UAA internal deadline for submitting proposals to the CTR-IN Pilot Program is February 22, 2019. 

Alaska State Council on the Arts

Michigan State University
The University of Michigan databases listed on this site focus on funding for Non-Profit organizations.


Foundation Center
This site requires registration but provides information on private funding sources.

Fullbright Canada - Current call due September 16,2019

Rasmuson Foundation

UA Foundation